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Images from the History of Medicine (IHM)

Question: What are the main menu options?


In addition to Home on the menu bar, which returns you to the IHM Homepage page, you may select Explore, Create, Share This, Embed This, or Help.

Explore allows you to:

  • Browse all images at once by selecting Browse All, or browse categories of What, Where, and Who by selecting Browse Categories (See Browsing FAQs).
  • View Media Groups or Presentations created by other users, if they have made them public.
  • Conduct an External Media Search, if you have registered.
  • Open a new Workspace or view images you have placed in your Workspace

Create allows you to develop Media Groups and Presentations, if you have registered.

Share This provides a URL for the current page so you can paste the link into an e-mail or instant message.

Embed This allows you to create a dynamic, embeddable web widget to share search results, slide shows, Presentations, your Workspace, Media Groups, and detail views into other applications such as blogs, forums, and wikis.

Help provides answers to frequently asked questions and detailed guidance on using IHM.

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