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Images from the History of Medicine (IHM)

Question: How do I search for words that contain special characters, such as accent marks, ampersands, apostrophes, parentheses, etc.?


Enter the search term in the Search IHM box with the appropriate special characters and then press the Search button. If you do not add the special characters to your search term the words with special characters will not appear in your search results.

In the Search IHM box, it is possible to omit the "apostrophe s" (`s) from possessive words, and still retrieve the desired search term. However, when entering a phrase enter the apostrophe exactly as it appears in the phrase.

Example: morse compound syrup and "morse`s compound syrup" both retrieve the same results.

To search for a phrase that contains an ampersand (&), such as a MeSH topical qualifier, enter the phrase with the ampersand exactly as it appears in the phrase.

Example: "prevention & control"

In Advanced Search "find this exact wording" searches, to search for a term that is adjacent to a quotation mark, ", square bracket, [or], or parenthesis, (or), enter the special character with the word. Special characters are considered part of the word, so the word cannot be retrieved without the special character.

Examples:         [title page         "I thought         (Sir

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