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Images from the History of Medicine (IHM)

Question: How do I manipulate the images in my Workspace?


Move the cursor over any image in the Workspace to reveal the Viewing Tools icons in the top right-hand corner of the image.

  • Moving Images: To move images in the Workspace drag the sides of the gray frame. To move the image inside the frame, drag the image in the desired direction using the Thumbnail Navigator as your guide. The Thumbnail Navigator is on the lower right corner of the Workspace. To show/hide the Thumbnail Navigator, click the third icon to the left.
  • Re-sizing Frame: To re-size the frame drag the corners of the gray frame. You can also force fit the image to the frame by clicking on the third icon to the right.
  • Zooming: Zoom in and out on an image by clicking on the + or - symbol, using the scroll wheel on your mouse, or by dragging the zoom bar left or right.
  • Maximizing/Minimizing: To maximize the image to the Workspace, click on the second icon to the right. To minimize the image, zoom out (as indicated above).
  • Removing Images: Remove an image from the Workspace by clicking the X icon on the far right.
  • Viewing Image Information: Click the i icon, second from the left to view image information.
  • Viewing Help: Click the ? icon on the left to view Help.
  • Accessing Presentations: Click the Presentations tab located in the top left corner of the Workspace.
  • Accessing Media Groups: Click the Media tab located in the bottom left corner of the Workspace.

You can also use the Share This and Embed This functions located at the top of the Workspace to create dynamic links to the Workspace.

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