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Images from the History of Medicine (IHM)

Question: How do I work with a Media Group?


You must login to use Media Groups.

Your active Media Group is listed at the top of the page next to the Search IHM bar. Click the name of the Media Group to access it. You can also select Media Groups located under Explore in the menu bar to view all Media Groups you created as well as publicly available Media Groups created by others.

To delete a Media Group, scroll over the title of the Media Group you want to delete and click the second icon, Delete Media Group.

To work with a Media Group, click on the title of a Media Group to access the images in thumbnail view.

  • Edit Group Properties: Click the Properties button to edit the name, viewing access, password, folder, default status, and description.

  • View: Change the size of the thumbnail images and the number of thumbnail images per page using the viewing tools above and below the images.

  • Manage: Click the Manage Group button. Using the drop down menu and buttons above the images, you may:

    • Copy images to another Media Group
    • Move images to another Media Group
    • Open (Go to) another Media Group
    • Remove images from your Media Group
    • Reorder images in your Media Group
    • Return to the Media Group thumbnail image view

  • Reorder Images: Click the Reorder button to rearrange the images.

  • Clone: Click the Clone button to create a duplicate copy of the Media Group.

  • View as a Slide Show: Click the Slide Show button to view the Media Group as a slide show.

  • Export: Click the Export button to generate a zipped file of the images in the Media Group.

  • Add External Media: Click the Add External Media button add public images from Flickr®.

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