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University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey


University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey University Libraries - Special Collections


George F. Smith Library of the Health Sciences
30 Twelfth Avenue
P.O. Box 1709
Newark, NJ 07101-1709


(973) 972-7830

Fax Number

(973) 972-7474


Contact Person

Bob Vietrogoski



The University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey University Libraries maintains a Department of Special Collections in the history of medicine and University Archives, with special emphasis on the history of the health sciences in New Jersey. Special Collections contains documentation on African-Americans in healthcare, particularly of Newark physicians. Books on this subject are cataloged and may be accessed via an online catalogue. Non-book materials are described on the Special Collections homepage via the URL as noted above. Researchers are encouraged to contact the department for assistance and appointments.


Special Collections has photographs and biographical files on Lena Edwards, MD (1900-1986), Clarence Summer Janifer, MD (1886-1950), and Carroll M. Leevy, MD, all of New Jersey. An oral history was conducted in 1982 with Dr. Edwards. A small collection of records on the North Jersey Medical Association (1936-1976), a state organization of African-American physicians, is available, as well as the Commonwealth Dental Society. There is documentation of African-American nursing students in the records of the Newark City Hospital School of Nursing, including student records and class graduation portraits (1889-1971). Special Collections also collects books and maintains New Jersey subject files on African-Americans in healthcare.

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