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Celebrating the American Medical Record

October is Archives Month! Celebrating the American Medical Record 

'Color Me Deadly' (AIDS coloring book cover), 1987


AIDS Ephemera

Spotlights NLM's collection of comics, booklets, pamphlets, posters, cards, and buttons produced by government and private organizations to educate the public about AIDS.


Havasupai woman receiving injection from PHS officer, Grand Canyon, Arizona, late 1960's


"If you knew the conditions...": Health Care to Native Americans

Focuses on the U.S. Government's administration of health care to Native Americans, examining evolution of government responsibility and its transfer through the Departments of War, the Interior, and Health, Education, and Welfare (now Department of Health and Human Services).


 Image of iron lung machines used to sustain lives of polio victims, ca. 1950


Images From the History of the Public Health Service

Captures the rich texture of nearly 200 years of the Public Health Service, the sense of excitement and discovery as well as dedication to service and duty in safeguarding the nation's health.


Portrait of Joshua Lederberg as president of Rockefeller University, 1990


Joshua Lederberg: Biomedical Science & The Public Interest

Highlights how this Nobel Prize winning scientist bridged the divide between science, society, and politics during the second half of the twentieth century.


Sharon M. Henry operating on a patient, ca. 2000s


Opening Doors: Contemporary African American Academic Surgeons

Celebrates the achievements of four contemporary pioneering African American surgeons and educators who exemplify excellence in their fields and believe in continuing the journey of excellence through the education and mentoring of young African Americans pursuing medical careers.


Cartoon: 'Don't Smoke, Don't Drink. . . I Only Want What's Good for You,' 1980s


Profiles in Science: C. Everett Koop Papers

Provides access to U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop's papers which have been digitized and made available to the public.


Portrait of Elizabeth Blackwell, 1859


"That Girl There Is Doctor In Medicine" Elizabeth Blackwell, America's First Woman, M.D.

Features archival holdings documenting the life of Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to complete a course of study at a medical college and receive a M.D.


Advertisement for Burdock Blood Bitters, 1885


Time, Tide, and Tonics: The Patent Medicine Almanac in America

Offers a history and examples of the use of almanacs by manufacturers of drugs and other health-enhancing substances in the promotion of their products.


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Join us in exploring the depth, diversity, and richness of NLM's collections with a selection of online exhibits highlighting America's records in health and medicine.


The National Library of Medicine's History of Medicine Division collects, preserves, interprets, and presents materials documenting the history of medicine in all time periods and cultures. Our staff provides public access to manuscripts, books, photographs, films, and other historical resources. We also promote, conduct, and facilitate scholarly research and public education through seminars, lectures, exhibitions, film programs, Web sites, databases, publications, catalogues, and research guides.


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