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Medical Movies on the Web is a curated portal to selected films from the National Library of Medicine's world-renowned historical audiovisuals collection of nearly 7,000 titles from the Silent Era to the present. These films cover a broad range of medical and health-related topics, from public health, surgery, and nursing to cancer, tuberculosis, child development, tropical medicine, personal cleanliness, diet, drugs, alcohol, dental hygiene, mental health, and much more. Some are public education films, some are professional training films, and some were made for scientific or medical research—the collection does not generally include Hollywood-type entertainment films. Many of these films are very rare, and in some cases the NLM may have the only surviving copy.

Launched in summer 2013, under the direction of David Cantor, Michael Sappol, and Paul Theerman, Medical Movies on the Web highlights selected films from the Library’s digital collections along with expert commentary that sets the films in historical context. In some cases, the films are supplemented with a bibliography and a selection of related materials from the collections of the Library and other repositories. Access to the films is also provided through the Library’s Digital Collections and YouTube site, where additional motion pictures from the collection may be found.

Please note that some digitized films made available by the NLM may contain material that some viewers may find to be challenging, disturbing or offensive. Viewer discretion is advised.

Project Direction
Sarah Eilers, Archivist and Historical Audiovisuals Manager

Project Consultant
Dr. Oliver Gaycken, Associate Professor, University of Maryland-College Park

Video Player/Digital Collection Management
NLM Digital Repository Development Team

Web Design
Ruth Peyser Design

Project Oversight
Elizabeth Mullen

Web Team
Elizabeth Mullen and Thu Tran

Drs. Michael Sappol, Paul Theerman, and David Cantor, Project Founders
John Rees, Technical Assistance
Jason Anderson, Transcription and Captioning
Sarah Owen and Liz Newton, Research
Rebecca Warlow, Head, Images and Archives
Jeffrey Reznick, Chief, History of Medicine Division

In Memoriam
Nancy Dosch (1946–2013), Archivist, Historical Audiovisuals Collection