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In His Own Words: Credits

Project Conceptualization and Development: Dr. Cheryl R. Dee, San Jose State University and Florida State University

Digital Text Production and Design: John P. Rees, Archivist and Digital Resources Manager

Development and Metadata Support: Douglas J. Turk, Independent Consultant

Student Assistants: Alicia Lipinski, MLS; John P. Harty, MLS; Wanita Scroggs, JD, MLS; Trish Johnson, MLS; Elizabeth Livers McPhee, MLS; Alyse Ergood, MLS; Richard Hodder, MLS; Eric Walsh, MLS; Karen Dufraine, MLS; Sarah Miselis, MLS; Hye Sook, MLS

Project Management and Editor: Dr. Paul H. Theerman, Head, Images and Archives Section

Congressional Appropriations Statements and Commentaries and Speeches and Writings

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Last Reviewed: September 29, 2022