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Recent Acquisitions 2007

  • Books

    • Tilesius, Wilhelm Gottlieb, von Tilenau, Ausfuhrliche Beschreibung und Abbildung der beiden sogenannten Stachelschweinmenschen aus der bekannten engelischen Familie Lambert oder the porcupine man. Altenburg, 1802.

      Tilesius pageIchthyosis hystrix (Lambert's Syndrome), a severe familial skin disorder with scaling and hyperkeratosis, often results in ridges in the skin and is known as porcupine skin. It was first described in 1733 by John Machin who wrote about the case of Edward Lambert, an Englishman who suffered from the disease. Lambert, and his children and grandchildren, traveled through Europe, displaying themselves as “a new species of man” for money. In his work, Tilesius not only discusses Lambert, but also other known cases of the disease. Tilesius was a physician and natural scientist, as well as a skilled artist and expert copperplate engraver. He accompanied research expeditions as a scientist and draftsman and was later a professor at Moscow University.Tilesius Tab. IITilesius Title Page

    • Camp, Walter, Musical Health Builder… New York, 1921.

      A sample miniature record and chart featuring 'the grasp' and a personal development chart with overlays describing the beneficial effects of the twelve exercises.Walter Camp was devoted to sports and to physical fitness in general. Seeing the value of exercise, he developed his 'daily dozen', a regimen of twelve simple movements such as the grind, the grasp, and the curl. The workout routine became so popular that the government asked his assistance in training the military. This set of the Musical Health Builder includes phonograph records as well as charts illustrating the exercises, and a personal development chart with descriptions of the benefits of each of the twelve exercises. Camp had played and later coached football at Yale, and he is known as the “Father of American Football” for his many contributions to the game. His innovations included the eleven man team, the forward pass, and the present point system. He was also a prolific author who wrote more than 30 books and hundreds of articles on sports, especially football, and physical fitness.

    • Martinez de Castrillo, Francisco, Coloquio Breve y Copedioso… Valladolid, 1557.

      Martinez title pageThis very rare work describing the science and practice of dentistry is possibly the earliest book devoted entirely to the subject of dentistry. Martinez de Castrillo was dentist to the court of Philip II of Spain. The book is presented in the form of a dialogue among three people. There are four parts in which the author discusses the anatomy of the teeth, the development of the teeth, extractions, diseases and decay of the teeth, and the importance of oral hygiene to preserve the teeth. Also included are plates showing dental instruments for cleaning and extracting teeth.Martinez page 11aMartinez page 49Martinez page 50Martinez page 95

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  • Prints and Photographs

    Martha Tabor, a Washington, D.C. based artist and photographer, donated to the Prints and Photographs Collection of The National Library of Medicine over 155 black and white photographs.  The photographs depict contemporary health care professionals, a Women’s Exercise Research Program, and midwives.   Here is a representative sampling of her photographs.

    Emergency ambulance crewEmergency ambulance crew near Blue ridge, West Virginia August 11,1997

     new participant in the Woman's Exercise Research Center with leg weightsA new participant in the Women’s  Exercise Research Center (WERC) at the George Washington University Medical center straps on leg weights. An instructor in the program gives her assistance.

    Nurse talks with patientNurse talks with patient in pure oxygen container. Used for helping wounds to heal at the Washington University Hospital. April, 1994

    Surgery at the George Washington Washington University HospitalSurgery at the George Washington University Hospital Washington, D.C. 
    April, 1994

    Liz Rovere does scar tissue mobilizationLiz Rovere, PT/ATC, does scar tissue mobilization or massage with a patient who is preparing to do strengthening exercises at the Physical Therapy Department of The George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C.  October 30, 1996.

    (PT/ATC=Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer Certified)

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