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Guide to Collections Relating to the History of Artificial Internal Organs


DeWitt Stetten, Jr., Museum of Medical Research, National Institutes of Health


NIH History Office


(301) 496-6610

Fax Number

(301) 402-1434


Contact Person

Michele Lyons, Curator


Access and Services

The collections of the Museum may be examined by special arrangement. Exhibits of the Stetten Museum are displayed in several buildings on the NIH campus, and are generally accessible during business hours, Monday through Friday. There is no charge for admission.


The Stetten Museum, established in 1987, collects, preserves and interprets biomedical research instruments and technologies related to the National Institutes of Health, and non-scientific objects, which place the National Institutes of Health in historical perspective. Museum exhibits seek to educate the public about the process of biomedical research and about its achievements, generally focusing on the research of NIH investigators as case studies.



Museum Objects Collection, 1920 to present day

Collection ID


Approximately 2,000 objects

Biographical Note

During the years leading up to the NIH centennial commemoration in 1986-1987, Dr. DeWitt Stetten, Jr., NIH Deputy Director for Science, emeritus, proposed establishment of a museum of medical research instruments to preserve the material heritage of biomedical research. In October 1986, the museum--combined with a revived NIH Historical Office--was created, and Dr. Victoria A. Harden was appointed Historian and Curator. In May 1987, the museum was renamed in honor of Dr. Stetten.

Collection Description

The Stetten Museum collects medical instruments and artifacts related to the NIH intramural programs. The collection includes a Craig counter-current distribution apparatus, an AMINCO-Bowman spectrophotofluorometer, and the magnet assembly from the neuro-PET scanner. Artifacts include such NIH memorabilia as anniversary pins, paintings of distinguished scientists, gifts to the institutes, cornerstones of buildings, and laboratory clothing, such as lab coats and safety equipment.Collection items relating to the history of artificial organs include:

  • Redy Universal Recirculating Dialysate System
  • Latham Blood Processor, Model 10
  • Haemonetics Blood Processor, Model 30
  • Collins Respirometer
  • Heart-Lung Machine, late 1950s/ early 1960s
  • Walton-Type Cardiac Strain Gauge
  • Schwartz-Medtronic CSN Transmitter, Model 4041-5A
  • Medtronic CSN Stimulator, Model 4041-6A
  • Spare Parts Kit for Chardack Greatbatch Pacemaker
  • Cutler-Mammer RF-Cardiac Pacemaker (Hang on Neck)
  • Medtronic CNS Receivers, Model 8L028
  • Medtronic Inc. Chardack Greatbatch Pacemaker
  • Gott-Daggett Butterfly-Leaflet Valve
  • Hufnagel Valve
  • Muller Valve
  • Muller-Littlefield Valve
  • duPlessis-Morrow Teflon Mitral Valve
  • Braunwald-Morrow Mitral Prosthesis
  • Kay-Suzuki Disc Prosthesis
  • Harken Disc Prosthesis-Surgitool
  • Starr-Edwards valves (numerous types)
  • Cross-Jones Mitral Prosthesis
  • Servelle Metal Disc Valves
  • Kay-Shiley Disc Valves
  • Van Der Spuy "Toilet Seat" Valve
  • Wada-Cutter Prosthesis
  • Harkin Disc Mitral Valve
  • Cooley-Bloodwell Mitral Prosthesis
  • Magovern Sutureless Aortic Prosthesis - Surgitool
  • Smeloff-Cutter Prosthesis
  • Harkin Aortic Prosthesis - Surgitool
  • Brauwald-Cutter Aortic and Mitral Valves
  • Hall Kaster (1977) Medtronic Hall (1981)
  • Bjork-Shiley Tilting Disc Prosthesis
  • St. Jude
  • Omniscience
  • Debakey Aortic Prosthesis - Surgitool
  • Reis-Hancock Porcine Xenograft - Aortic Model
  • Reis-Hancock Porcine Xenograft - Mitral Model
  • Carpentier-Edwards Mounted Xenograft, Aortic Model 2611
  • Carpentier-Edwards Mounted Xenograft, Mitral Model 6611
  • Ionescu-Shiley Heart Valve Prosthesis
  • Tissue Valves from People's Republic of China
  • Hufnagel Aortic Heart Valve
  • Artificial Heart, Teco Aut. Heart Contract Dis

Finding Aid

Catalogue of the Museum Objects Collection available from curator.



Related Material

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