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Guide to Collections Relating to the History of Artificial Internal Organs


International Center For Medical Technologies (ICMT)


6411 Fannin St, Houston, Texas 77030


(713) 704-0964

Fax Number

(713) 798-8439


Contact Person

Julia Glueck, Exective Director


Access and Services

The ICMT exhibits are located in the Cullen Pavilion of Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas. Memorial Hermann Hospital is the oldest hospital in the Texas Medical Center. The ICMT administrative office is located across from the Admitting Office in Memorial Hermann Hospital.


ICMT, established in 2000, is a museum displaying the historical development, current state-of-the-art, and future development of artificial organs and organ transplantation during the last thirty years.



ICMT Museum Collection, 20th - 21st centuries

Collection ID


There are approximately 3,000 artifacts including more than 1,000 pieces of hardware. Currently, ICMT has received over 50 new devices and several original publications.

Biographical Note

ICMT is a non-profit and non-taxable foundation in Houston, Texas to facilitate the worldwide advancement of medical technologies by disseminating information and education. Among many activities, ICMT also has a museum exhibit program that displays the historical accomplishments of medical technologies: past, present and future. Currently ICMT exhibits state-of-the-art and historical artificial organ hardware, which were inherited from the International Center for Artificial Organs and Transplantation (ICAOT) who began collecting in Cleveland, Ohio over 20 years ago. (See separate ICAOT entry in this Guide for more information.)

ICMT's exhibits and publications are intended to educate physicians, scientists, patients and the general public about the accomplishments in the field of artificial organ development and transplantation. At the same time, they serve as an inspiration for future physicians and health care professionals to develop careers in medicine and bioengineering.

Collection Description

The ICMT Collection encompasses cardiovascular prostheses, oxygenators, artificial kidneys, apheresis, vascular prostheses, heart valves and intra-aortic balloon pumps, among other related artifacts in the history of artificial organ developments. These devices, collected from around the world, testify to the many achievements in the field of artificial organ development and transplantation.

Finding Aid

Check with the ICMT Executive Director for a listing of objects in their collection and on display.Appointment required to see objects beyond those on display.


Appointment required to see objects beyond those on display.

Related Material

ICMT Press publishes various publications including:

  • Blood Purification - Artificial Kidney and Plasmapheresis - Past, Present and Future
  • Artificial Heart and Assist Circulation - Past, Present and Future
  • Oxygenator - Artificial Lung - Past, Present and Future

ICMT also provides archival slides on the artificial kidney, plasmapheresis, oxygenator and blood pumps.