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Industry and Laboratories

The role of industry and laboratories in the research, development and commercialization of artificial organs cannot be omitted. For the most part, industry and laboratories still retain the bulk of their records and prototypes. The challenge of identifying historical materials in industry and laboratories is that their R&D work is ongoing, or has evolved, or has merged with new research endeavors or commercial partnerships.

The historical materials identified in industry and laboratories in this Guide suggest that many research sites have attempted to retain corporate memory and past contributions to the field. It however varies from place to place. Often it is the work of a few individuals who fortunately recognize the historical value of older records and objects, and tuck them away in storage rooms or desk drawers rather than discard them. Many thanks to those who hung onto early research prototypes and commercial devices! This project aims to draw attention to the need for laboratory and industry researchers to preserve their records and contribute to the documentary history of this field. In the future, it is expected that additional related materials held in industry and laboratory sites will be identified and included in this publication.

Please note that these sites are not accustomed to historical researchers. Interested researchers should get in touch with the contact person for more details about the materials and access.