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Museums, Archives and Libraries

Historical collections relating to artificial organ developments include artifact, library and archival collections held in repositories throughout the world. Some of these repositories specialize in the history of the health sciences, while others may have larger institutional mandates but hold important medical history collections. Scientists may have deposited their laboratory papers in their university archives and/or perhaps donated their early prototypes and equipment to nearby medical museums. While this listing is by no means exhaustive, it serves to draw attention to the growing number of collections related to artificial organ history available to researchers. In the future, it is expected that additional related materials held in museums, libraries and archives will be identified and included in this publication.

For the most part, collections held in museums, libraries and archives are readily available to scholars. Research access and usage policies may vary from repository to repository. Interested researchers should get in touch with the contact person for more details about the materials relating to artificial organ history. Curators, librarians and archivists, who have contributed information to this guide, welcome scholars interested in studying their collections.