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Professional Societies and Agencies

There are numerous professional societies and agencies that, either through membership or mandate, address issues related to artificial organ developments, past and present. Their contributions to the field of artificial organ developments are important towards greater understanding of interaction within the scientific research community, device regulation, clinical acceptance and practice of new therapies, and more.

Like industry and laboratories, the challenge of identifying historical materials in professional societies and agencies is that their work is ongoing, or has evolved, or does not lend itself to strong record management. Again, it varies among organizations. This project aims to draw attention to the need for professional societies and agencies to preserve their records and contribute to the documentary history of this field. In the future, it is expected that additional related materials held by professional societies and agencies will be identified and included in this publication.

Please note that these organizations are not accustomed to historical researchers. Interested researchers should get in touch with the contact person for more details about the materials and access.