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A color image of the larger-than-life, bronze statue of Benjamin Rush, unveiled in 1904.

Statue of Benjamin Rush, unveiled in 1904


Benjamin Rush Statue
(Bureau of Medicine and Surgery)
2300 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20372

The statue of Benjamin Rush, M.D. (1745-1813) is located at the grounds of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, across from the entrance to the old Observatory building. The larger-than-life, bronze statue honors the Philadelphia physician, medical educator and the signer of the Declaration of Independence. The campaign to build a memorial to Benjamin Rush in Washington, D.C. was initiated by Albert L. Gihon, Medical Director, USN, and funded by contributions from the American Medical Association membership. The statue was unveiled in June 1904, in the presence of President Theodore Roosevelt, who then accepted the monument as a gift from the medical profession to the American people. The statue is somewhat visible from E Street, but the facility is closed to the public.

See: #15 on Downtown Map.

Nearest Metro Station: 'Foggy Bottom' on Blue and Orange Lines.

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