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A black and white photo of Daniel Elmer Salmon in later years with white hair, full white beard, moustache and wearing round wireframe glasses.

Daniel E. Salmon


Site of National Veterinary College
1227 R Street, NW
Washington, DC

Daniel E. Salmon (1850-1914), bacteriologist, organizer of the Bureau of Animal Industry, and its Director from 1884 to 1905, founded the National Veterinary College (NVC) in 1892. Initially unaffiliated with a university, it was established, in part, to train veterinarians for service in the federal government as meat inspectors, chiefly, and as researchers. In 1896 the NVC became a part of Columbian University (renamed George Washington University in 1904). The college suspended operations in 1898, resumed them in 1908, and then ceased operating altogether in 1918, after the Secretary of Agriculture forbade federal veterinarians from teaching at either of the two District of Columbia veterinary schools. Salmon's attempt to make the National Veterinary College a post-graduate institution exclusively in 1898 failed when no post-graduate students appeared. Salmon was Dean from 1892 until 1898 and David E. Buckingham (Penn. VMD, 1893)--recruited as a faculty member by Salmon in 1896--was Dean from 1908 to 1918. Operating under three names, National Veterinary College, the Veterinary Department of the Columbian University, and the George Washington University College of Veterinary Medicine, it graduated 132 veterinarians. Besides Salmon and Buckingham, prominent faculty members included F. L. Kilbourne, Robert J. Formad, Cecil French, J. J. Kinyoun, Veranus Moore, and Charles Wardell Stiles. In addition to the 1227 R Street, NW, location, the College operated at two other addresses in the District: New Jersey Avenue and O Street, NW, and 2113-2115 14th Street, NW.

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