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Guide to Oral Histories in Medicine and the Health Sciences

The John Q. Adams Center for the History of Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery

List of Interviewees

  • William Baltzell, MD
  • Richard Bellucci, MD
  • Leslie Bernstein, MD
  • John Bordley, MD
  • Derald Brackmann, MD
  • Joan Jackson Bugbee and Frank Bugbee
  • John Conley, MD
  • Andre Djourno and Daniele Kayser
  • John Doyle, Jr., MD and James Doyle
  • Charles Eyries
  • Richard Farrior, MD
  • Ralph Fravel
  • Jack Gluckman, MD
  • Jerome Goldstein, MD
  • Sir Donald Harrison
  • William Hitselberger, MD
  • Howard House, MD
  • William F. House, MD
  • Daniele Kayser
  • Fred Linthicum, MD
  • Robin Michelson, MD
  • Stanley Milstein, MD
  • Dennis Pappas, Sr., MD
  • Loring Pratt, MD
  • J.H.T. Rambo, MD
  • Mendell Robinson, MD
  • Harry Rosenwasser, MD
  • Robert Schindler, MD
  • John Shea, Jr., MD
  • Max Som, MD
  • Sylvan Stool, MD
  • M. Stuart Strong, MD
  • Neil Ward, MD