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Guide to Oral Histories in Medicine and the Health Sciences


Still National Osteopathic Museum and the National Center for Osteopathic History


800 West Jefferson
Kirksville, Missouri 63501


(660) 626-2359
Toll Free: 1-888-626 ATSU ext. 2359

Fax number

(660) 626-2984

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Contact Person

Jason Hazton, Director
(660) 626-2359
Debra Loguda-Summers, Curator
(660) 626-2359
Office/Gift /Shop Manager or Education Department


Access and Services

Photocopying, scanning


Most are lectures from faculty and staff over the years


Collection Description

Sutherland Collection - Cassettes
5-10-49A {Its} Principles & Application. TIDE CONTROL
5-14-49B Directing the TIDE for Diag & Tr.
5-11-49A Bent Twigs
7-13-54B Gather Dura/Lymph Siphon Technique
5-13-54A RTM (Reciprocal Tension Membrane) & Vault Management of the Base
5-16-49A The Goat and the Boulder
5-20-49 Thinking versus Tinkering in the Science of Osteopathy
5-20-49 Completion on B Tape 6
5-15-50A The Philosophy of Osteopathy
5-19-49 {Sninnow} Tour..A Stretch of the Imagination

1. "With These Hands"
2. Nursing Roundtable 12.2.98
3. The Kirksville Experience
4. Video of the film strip made just prior to Dr. A.T. Still's death, believed to be the only motion picture made of Dr. Still.
5. AOA 2002-03 Annual Report "Living the Osteopathic's Pledge of Commitment"
6. AOA Convention - 1928 VHS
7. A.T. Still's Flying Circus - Skit Night 2004 (2)
8. Preserving a Heritage (4)
9. The American Doctor
10. Birthday Party
11. AOA-Healer Within Raw Footage
12. KCOM Video 1988 VHS
13. A.T. Still - 86th Birthday
Still Funeral - Not A.T. -1930's
ASOS Illinois - Football
Lab Scenes
Clinic in the Pit
Dr. Platt - Clinic
Infirmary with students
Laundry - Old ASO
Old ASO - Nurses changing shifts
Dr. George Still - Surgery
ASO - Post-op treatments - Dr. George Still??
14. Electromyographic Studies by J. M. Korr, Ph.D. & J.S. Denslow, D.O. (2)
15. Museum's Grand Opening 10-9-80 Aired by KTVO Television
16. KCOS Alumni Skit 4-1-86
17. "The Life of A.T. Still" 6-22-40 radio program
18. Dr. Ivan Lamb and Dr. Morris Thompson Interview 1949-50 (2)
19. A. A.T. Still Memorial Lecture --1980 by Louise W. Astell, D.O.
B. AOA Convention - Las Vegas with Edwin {Neuoman}
20. Taped conversation with Mr. Raphael Still
21. {"Freshie"} taped from Old Edison

Material Type

Audio and Video