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Guide to Oral Histories in Medicine and the Health Sciences

Waring Historical Library, Medical University of South Carolina

List of Interviewees

  • J. I. Waring. Historical medicine in S.C. [audiocassette]
  • Oscar Reeder
  • S. Hope Sandifer (audiotape)
  • Harold E. Jervey, Jr., M.D. No bands played, but the angels sang (memoirs of WWII). Typescript. 748 p.
  • Frederick MacNaughton Ball, M.D. One autographed letter signed--October 1945--describes a visit to Hiroshima. 7 p. (photocopy)
  • Robert Hagerty
  • Edward Frost Parker
  • G.B. Herbert Keyserling, M.D. "Navy doctor." WWII. MCSSC graduate, class of 1940. 17 p.
  • Jack Kane, M.D. WWII memoirs, CV, correspondence with Eric Muirhead.
  • Sol Neidich
  • Thomas L. Lucas, M.D. (audiotape). Map of 78th Infantry Division "Lightning activity in WWII. CV.
  • C. Wilson Orr; Albert Cannon.
  • James Duncan; James Howell; James B. Martin; I.E. Gilbert; Wallis D. Cone.
  • T. Marion Davis. Autobiography. 65 p.
  • Henry Rittenberg
  • Joel W. Wyman.
  • Francis N. McCorkle, Jr.
  • William H. Hunter
  • Laurie L. Brown. (audiotapes)
  • John R. (Jack) Paul, Jr. (audiotape)
  • Thomas G. Herbert (audiotape)
  • From the diary of Alton G. Brown, Sr. (First person account of conditions at Dachau Prison Camp in May 1945.
  • Louis P. Jervey (audiotape). Korean War experiences
  • William F. Maguire (audiotape). Korean War experiences