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Guide to Oral Histories in Medicine and the Health Sciences


OHSU Historical Collections & Archives
OHSU Library
Oregon Health & Science University


3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, Oregon 97239-3098


(503) 418-2287

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(503) 418-0235

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Contact Person

Sara Piasecki, History of Medicine Librarian
(503) 418-2287
Karen Peterson, Archivist
(503) 494-3239


Access and Services

Interlibrary loan, reference, and photocopying services are all provided.


The OHSU Oral History Project records interviews of individuals who can contribute to the understanding of the history of OHSU and its various schools. The interviews gather personal perspectives concerning critical points in the history of the institution. Major themes include changes in clinical practice, becoming a university, growth of research, growth of campus facilities, women and minorities, curriculum changes, and World War II.


As of February 2006, ninety-six interviews have been conducted. Interviews are still being conducted as resources allow.

Collection Description

All processed interviews contain: cataloging data sheet (biographical and topical information); table of contents; abstract; edited transcript of interview; index; and copies of tapes (audio and/or video). One copy held in Main Library for circulation, and one copy held in OHSU Oral History Project Collection papers in the Archives. The Collection also contains unedited transcripts, correspondence, and other supporting materials. Interviews are still being conducted as resources allow.

Please refer to the web page at for names of interviewees and broad topic areas. Additionally, the Oral History Master Index contains a more detailed list of topics discussed; it can be accessed on the web at

Material Type

All interviews contain audio; some interviews also captured on video. All interviews conducted since 2003 have been video interviews.


Copyright held by OHSU; permission required for use in publications.


Yes, all interviews are transcribed. As of February 2006, only indexes to the interviews are available on the web; electronic copies of the transcripts can be obtained by contacting Historical Collections & Archives.