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Guide to Oral Histories in Medicine and the Health Sciences


History of Medicine Collection
Robert M. Bird Health Sciences Library
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center


P.O. Box 26901
1000 Stanton L. Young Boulevard
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73190


(405) 271-2285 x48755

Fax number

(405) 271-3297

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Contact Person

Reference Department (Shari Clifton, Head of Reference and Instructional Services, Ursula Ellis, Reference Librarian, or Marty Thompson, Director)
(405) 271-2285 x48752


Access and Services

Interlibrary loan, photocopy, and reference services are provided.


The collection contains two sources of oral histories. The Oklahoma Nursing Association has interviewed prominent nursing leaders in the Oklahoma from the 1940 to 1990. A set of the interview tapes used by Mark Everett to write the first two volumes of Medical Education in Oklahoma covering 1900 to 1964 are housed in the collection.


The nursing oral history collection contains 50 tapes and the Medical Education in Oklahoma contains 75 tapes. Collection for the Oklahoma Nursing Association is still active.

Collection Description

The two oral collections are archived under the Oklahoma Nursing Collection archives and in the archives of Mark Everett, M.D.

Material Type



Use restricted to the History of Medicine room but copies can be made if permitted


Some tapes have been transcribed but most have not.