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Guide to Oral Histories in Medicine and the Health Sciences


University of Michigan Medical School Class of 1958 Oral History
Center for the History of Medicine
University of Michigan Medical School
The Bentley Historical Library (BHL)
University of Michigan


John C. Peirce, MD, MA, MS
4175 Upper Glade Court
Ann Arbor, MI 48103


(734) 222-4761 (home office)
(734) 646-8185 (cell)

Fax number

(734) 302-4034

Website URL

Contact Person

John C. (Jack) Peirce, MD, MA, MS
(734) 222-4761


Access and Services

I am unable to answer yet. As the work progresses, I’ll know better.


I received 52 responses to a questionnaire I sent in 2005 (excluding me) to 130 of my classmates (1958) of the University of Michigan Medical School. One wished no further contact but answered the questionnaire anonymously. August 30, 2006 is the first anniversary of the interviewing part of the project. I aim to have one more interview making 20, with 16 interviews transcribed with 3 out for editing yet to be returned. My goal is to have all completed with an initial presentation for my Class at their 50th Reunion in October 2008.


Since this is a work in progress, I am unable to provide a conclusive figure.

Collection Description

I have just begun giving material to the BHL. As of now I intend to provide them a copyright release from each interviewee, an edited transcript, both a wav and MP3 CD of each interview and a “then and now” picture of each interviewed classmate. I will also give them other textual information such as correspondence, additional written material such as CVs. Other research such as articles, archived material will be compiled.


Material Type

Compact discs in both an MP3 and wav format


None yet; this is a work in progress.


Yes. They are not available on the web.