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Two books spanned open with spines touching. Emergency Preparedness and Response

Collection Recovery Methods: Items with Coated Papers

Coated Papers are any glossy or chalky papers used for posters, magazines, and many modern printed books.

Recovery Priority during the first 24-48 hours

  • Dry items immediately. (If there are too many sheets to dry within 24 hours, then freeze them). If coated papers are allowed to dry in contact with one another, then they will fuse together.
  • Place freezer or wax paper between single items.
  • Cover papers with plastic to prevent partial drying until they can be frozen or salvaged.
  • Do not tightly compress books or single sheets.
  • Do not attempt to unfold, unroll, or separate pages or individual sheets if there is any resistance.
  • Use extra caution with large sheets; wet paper is easily torn. Support with screens or polyester webbing.

Freezing Procedures

Air Drying Procedures

  • Drain excess water from the item before drying. Follow the instructions (found in the left toolbar) for the specific type of material.
  • In general, coated papers respond well to freeze-drying.
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