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  • Project Conception: Holly Herro
  • Content Development: Sarah Wagner, Walter Cybulski, and Atalanta Grant-Suttie
  • Project Curator: Emily Wahl
  • Project Coordinator: Holly Herro
  • Technical Coordination, Site Design, and Development: Sabrina Mohamed, Deki Tsering, and Emily Wahl
  • Encoding: Roxanne Beatty and Cheri Smith
  • Photography: Stephen Greenberg, Kristi Wright-Davenport, and Déshaun Williams
  • Illustrations: Rachel-Ray Cleveland
  • Project Editing and Review: Margaret Byrnes, Walter Cybulski, Atalanta Grant-Suttie, Steve Greenberg, Holly Herro, Dever Powell, Angela Ruffin, Sarah Wagner, and Kristi Wright-Davenport
  • Technical Support: Stacey Arnesen, Deborah Bennet, Kathleen Cravedi, Laurie DuQuette, Gale Dutcher, Dr. Paul Fontelo, Pertti Hakkinen, Jenny Heiland-Leudtke, Aaron Navarro, Cheri Smith, and Krista Stracka

A special thank you to the Regional Medical Libraries for their testing and feedback provided for this website.

NLM staff would like to thank the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Students for helping to design the layout for the website.