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  • Project Manager: Holly Herro
  • Content Development: Sarah Wagner, Walter Cybulski, Holly Herro, Sandra Kim, Jessica Hemphill, Jessica Unger, Lauren R. Hall, Emily Williams, and Emily Wahl
  • Encoding: Elizabeth Mullen, Thu Tran, Sandra Kim, Jessica Hemphill, and Kristi Wright
  • Photography: Stephen Greenberg, Kristi Wright, and D├ęshaun Williams
  • Illustrations: Rachel-Ray Cleveland
  • Project Edition and Review: Walter Cybulski, Jessica Hemphill, Holly Herro, Sandra Kim, Sarah Wagner, Jessica Unger, Kristi Wright, Steve Greenberg
  • Technical Support: Elizabeth Mullen, Sandra Kim, Jessica Hemphill, Thu Tran, Kristi Wright, Emily Wahl, and Krista Stracka

©2006 Heritage Preservation, Inc. The videos were used by permission of the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works

Last Reviewed: September 11, 2018