Books with plain paper and stable ink

Freezing Procedures:

  • Drain excess water and square up as much as possible.
  • Perform triage of wet books. Separate animal skin bindings from cloth and paper bindings.
  • Place freezer paper or polyester webbing between books to prevent sticking.
  • Inventory books by call number before packing for freezing. Write the shelving range call numbers on multiple sides of the box for security reasons.
  • Pack them in separate plastic cartons or corrugated boxes. Animal skin bindings cannot be vacuum freeze dried without binding damage occurring.
  • Pack books one layer deep, spine down, in plastic carton or corrugated box.
  • Pack containers three-quarters full. Fill extra space with crumpled plain paper to support the books.
  • Pack oversize items flat with freezer paper or polyester webbing between items.