Black & white photographs on plain paper or mounted on paperboard

Air Drying Procedures:

  • Rinse soiled or adhering items in cold water.
  • Drain excess water and lightly blot non-tacky image surface with absorbent material.
  • Separate and place face up on an absorbent material to air dry the front; turn over onto a clean dry surface to dry the back.
  • Prints 8x10 inches or smaller can be hung using clothes line and clips at one or two corners. (Wick water from an edge with absorbent paper to speed drying.)
  • Once prints are nearly dry, place them between blotters and in stacks to avoid distortions.
  • Place freezer paper on any tacky surface to avoid sticking to blotters. (Unwanted fibers can usually be wiped off with dry cotton balls after the print is thoroughly dry.)