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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

Serving the Information Needs of the Health Services Research Community

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Brown ArrowHSR Social Media Resources

Resources to support e-mail communication among colleagues; HSR alerting services' e-mail addresses; links to relevant HSR blogs and podcasts; links to HSR twitter feeds; links to HSR Facebook and You Tube resources. The News page also provides links.

  • CDC HealthCommWorks - (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC))  - This webpage contains a social media webkit.

Alerts/Boards/E-mail Lists/Forums/Updates

Alert services, email lists, discussion boards, forums, listservs, and e-updates.

  • AHRQ Email Updates - (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ))  - Sign up for updates from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).
  • Articles of Interest Alert - (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ))  - A weekly compilation of articles appearing in recently released journals and newsletters, including articles funded by AHRQ or authored by AHRQ researchers.
  • Behavioral Health Services Research Community - (AcademyHealth)  - Registration is required to view and participate in this online forum, featuring a discussion of policies related to mental health, substance abuse, and alcohol services.
  • Center for Mental Health Services Research Listserv - (University of Massachusetts Medical School)  - Sign up to receive mailings from the Center. The mission of the Center for Mental Health Services Research is to be an internationally recognized academic center that conducts research on the nature, structure, effectiveness, and regulation of services for individuals with mental health conditions, and develops and disseminates knowledge to improve the lives of these individuals, their families, and other community members.
  • Commonwealth Fund E-mail Alerts - (Commonwealth Fund)  - Sign up and manage e-alert subscriptions, publicly comment on select publications and other Web content, and save content to a personal library for easy reference.
  • Federal Register E-mail Updates - (National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) U.S.)  - Link to sign up for daily table of contents from the Federal Register.
  • First Friday Google+ Hangouts - (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF))  - RWJF hosts First Friday chats on Google+, to discuss issues relevant towards building a healthier community.
  • HHS Syndication Storefront - (Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) U.S.)  - From this website, import HHS content directly into your own webpage.
  • HSC Alerts - (Center for Studying Health System Change)  - HSC Alerts are sent via e-mail to announce new HSC research available on the HSC Web site.
  • HSR&D E-News - (Health Services Research and Development Service, Veterans Administration (HSR&D))  - Provides monthly E-news updates on new information posted to the HSR&D web site.
  • Health Affairs Blog - (Project Hope)  - New content will be posted on the blog at least weekly. Some weeks there will be new posts every day as Health Affairs runs a cluster of invited posts on a hot topic. Individuals can sign up for e-mail alerts or an RSS feed to be alerted when new content is posted. For e-mail alerts, visit:
  • HealthEcon-Discuss - General health economics discussion list. Membership is open to all health economists (and all those interested in health economics) worldwide. It is also the recommended discussion list for members of iHEA. The purpose of healthecon-discuss is to give a (previously unavailable) forum for general discussion on health economics matters.
  • Listservs from the National Center for Health Statistics - (National Center for Health Statistics, CDC (NCHS))  - NCHS set up several electronic distribution lists, or listservs. The lists provide e-mail announcements to list members regarding updates, releases, or technical assistance.
  • NLM Email Lists - (National Library of Medicine (NLM) U.S.)  - Service which allows users to subscribe to announcement and discussion lists hosted by the National Library of Medicine. Users can receive list postings, access list archives, and post messages to a list. NLM also offers RSS feeds, podcasts, and webcasts.


HSR-relatede blogs.

  • AcademyHealth Blog - (AcademyHealth)  - The blog was created to serve as a forum for "conversation among people passionate about expanding access to care, reducing costs and improving quality."
  • Blogs - (Public Health Institute)  - PHI hosts a blog related to PHSSR and Public Health. Organization officials and members contribute content on newsworthy events.
  • Capsules: Kaiser Health News Blog - (Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) US)  - Link to blog, videos, and daily reports. Covers health care policy and politics as well as trends in industry and delivery of care. KHN is a nonprofit news organization committed to in-depth coverage of health care policy and politics.
  • Commonwealth Fund Blod - (Commonwealth Fund)  - This blog posts commentary from major stakeholders in areas relevant to Commonwealth Fund priorities, including Health Care Coverage and Health Insurance, Health System and Delivery, Medicare and Medicaid, Vulnerable Populations, and the Affordable Care Act.
  • Congressional Budget Office Director's Blog - (Congressional Budget Office (CBO) US)  - Since its founding in 1974, the Congressional Budget Office has produced independent, nonpartisan, timely analysis of economic and budgetary issues to support the Congressional budget process. The agency's long tradition of nonpartisanship is evident in each of the dozens of reports and hundreds of cost estimates its economists and policy analysts produce each year.
  • Equity of Care Blog - (Equity of Care US)  - Updated biweekly, this blog provides commentary by leaders in the field who are taking up the challenge of improving the quality of care for all patient populations and eliminating health care disparities.
  • Health Affairs Blog - (Project Hope)  - New content will be posted on the blog at least weekly. Some weeks there will be new posts every day as Health Affairs runs a cluster of invited posts on a hot topic. Individuals can sign up for e-mail alerts or an RSS feed to be alerted when new content is posted. For e-mail alerts, visit:
  • Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review Blog - (Health Policy and Strategy Associates, LLC US)  - A Health Care Blog with reviewz of the latest developments in federal health policy and marketplace activities in the health care financing business.
  • Health IT Buzz - (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, HHS (ONC))  - From the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), this blog was created to answer questions about the nation's transition to electronic health records and to create a conversation about the challenges and successes health care providers, physicians, practices, and organizations are experiencing as they transition from paper to electronic health records.
  • Health Policy Forum - (Altarum Institute US)  - Altarum's blog provides "a neutral setting for discussion and consideration of health-related issues facing our nation."
  • Now@NEJM - (New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) US)  - Blog produced by the publishing communications team about the web content in the New England Journal of Medicine.
  • PCORI Blog - (Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) US)  - PCORI's blog is designed to iscuss and share information about PCOR.
  • Public Health Economics - (University of Kentucky)  - The blog of Glen P. Mays, F. Douglas Scutchfield Endowed Professor of Health Services and Systems Research at the University of Kentucky.
  • State Health Policy Blog - (National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP))  - The blog for NASHP, an independent academy of state health policymakers.


HSR-related podcasts and twitter groups.

  • Behavioral Health Monthly Twitter Chats - (Altarum Institute US)  - This open forum is held on the second Wednesday of each month from 1:00 - 2:00pm ET. Use the Twitter hashtag #BHchat to participate.
  • HIE inPractice Podcast - (Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) USA)  - This series of audio interviews focus on health information exchange.
  • Investing in Health IT: What the U.S. and Other Countries Are Learning: 10/29/10 Podcast - (Alliance for Health Reform US, Commonwealth Fund, Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) US)  - This briefing addressed questions such as: What have the U.S. and other countries learned from their experience with health IT? How is the adoption of this technology progressing in the U.S. across the many different types of health care settings? How are we developing standards for "meaningful use" of health IT?
  • Kaiser Family Foundation Twitter Feed - (Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) US)  - Follow the Kaiser Family Foundation on Twitter to get daily updates on the latest facts, figures, polling information and analysis on health policy issues and health reform implementation.
  • NIH Social Media and Outreach - (National Institutes of Health (NIH))  - Visit this link to subscribe, or download, podcasts, newsletters, Twitter, or RSS.
  • New Directions in Health Care - (Commonwealth Fund)  - New Directions in Health Care aims to bring the work of our programs to life though audio interviews with the health care professionals, administrators, policymakers, advocates, and patients on the frontlines of health care.
  • Online Training on Pediatric Healthcare Quality, Quality Improvement, and Patient Safety - (Children's National Medical Center US)  - The EMSC National Resource Center (NRC), in collaboration with the Alliance for Pediatric Emergency Medication Safety, has produced a series of training modules. These presentations target medical students, residents, and fellowship trainees and focus on three primary objectives: (1) to educate trainees about pediatric medication safety issues in the emergency setting; (2) to describe potential solutions to improve medication safety; and (3) to equip trainees with the tools to implement a quality improvement initiative in their training program.
  • Trust for America's Health Twitter Feed. - (Trust for America's Health (TFAH))  - The Twitter feed of Trust for America's Health, a "nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to saving lives by protecting the health of all Americans."