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  • Employment Status and Health Characteristics of Adults With Expanded Medicaid Coverage in Michigan - (American Medical Association (AMA))  - 11-DEC-2017    Details

    This study examined the demographic and health characteristics associated with the employment status of current Medicaid expansion enrollees in Michigan, which expanded Medicaid under a Section 1115 waiver to nonelderly adults with incomes at or below 133% of the federal poverty level who do not otherwise qualify for Medicaid or Medicare based on disability or other criteria.

  • Call for Abstracts: NACCHO Annual 2018 - (National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO))  - 11-DEC-2017    Details

    The call for abstracts for NACCHO Annual 2018, to be held July 10-12, 2018 in New Orleans, LA, is now open. This year's theme is "Unleashing the Power of Local Public Health." Abstracts are due by January 17, 2018.

  • Happy First Birthday, NICHSR ONESearch! - (National Library of Medicine (NLM), NIH USA)  - 11-DEC-2017    Details

    For the past year, NICHSR OneSearch has helped people get answers to questions concerning health policy, health care costs, ongoing research, socioeconomic issues in health, disparities and inequalities, and more.

  • 2017 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress (December 2017) - (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) USA)  - 11-DEC-2017    Details

    Report provides 2017 national, state, and city- and county-level point-in-time and housing inventory count estimates of homelessness, as well as estimates of chronically homeless persons, homeless veterans, and homeless children and youth.

  • The Evolution of Private Plans in Medicare - (Commonwealth Fund)  - 11-DEC-2017    Details

    Issue brief examines major policy changes to Medicare risk plans and the effects of these policies on plan participation, enrollment, average premiums and cost-sharing, total costs to Medicare, and quality of care.

  • Visualize Health Equity Project - (National Academy of Medicine (NAM))  - 11-DEC-2017    Details

    The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) called on artists of all kinds to illustrate what health equity looks, sounds, and feels like to them. By sharing insights directly from people in diverse communities around the United States, the goal of this community art project is to get more people thinking and talking about health equity and the social determinants of health.

  • Request for Information on the Office of Disease Prevention Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years (FY) 2019-2023 - (Office of Disease Prevention (ODP), NIH)  - 11-DEC-2017    Details

    The Office of Disease Prevention (ODP) is requesting input on their strategic plan for 2019-2023. The ODP invites input from prevention researchers in academia and industry, health care professionals, patient advocates and advocacy organizations, scientific or professional organizations, federal agencies, and other interested members of the public. Responses are due by January 22, 2018.

  • Best Practices for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Programs (2017) - (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), HHS)  - 08-DEC-2017    Details

    Guide describes and summarizes scientific evidence behind 8 effective strategies for lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol levels that can be implemented in health care systems and that involve community-clinical links.

  • Building Complex Care Programs: A Road Map for States (December 2017) - (National Governors Assocation Center for Best Practices USA)  - 08-DEC-2017    Details

    A guide for state leaders in establishing and advancing complex care programs. Guide includes lessons learned from their work with states and effective practices gleaned from multiple pioneering state and local complex care initiatives.

  • Disparities in Hospital-Reported Breast Milk Use in Neonatal Intensive Care Units - United States, 2015 - (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR))  - 07-DEC-2017    Details

    Data from the 2015 Maternity Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care (mPINC) survey, linked with postal code-level race data from the U.S. Census, found that hospitals in areas with higher percentages of black residents reported lower percentages of infants in the NICU routinely receiving mother's own breast milk or banked donor breast milk than did hospitals in areas with lower percentages of black residents.

  • Using Electronic Health Data for Community Health (November 2017) images/pdf.gif icon - (Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health, de Beaumont Foundation USA)  - 07-DEC-2017    Details

    Report provides public health departments with a framework that will allow them to request data from hospitals and health systems in order to move the needle on critical public health challenges.

  • Expressions of Clinician Well-Being: An Art Exhibition - (National Academy of Medicine (NAM))  - 07-DEC-2017    Details

    The National Academy of Medicine is calling on artists of all kinds to explore what clinician burnout, clinician well-being, and clinician resilience looks, feels and sounds like to people across the country. The submission deadline is February 16, 2018.

  • State Plans for CHIP as Federal CHIP Funds Run Out - (Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) USA)  - 06-DEC-2017    Details

    This fact sheet provides an overview of state plans for CHIP as they grow closer to exhausting federal funds amid continued delay of Congressional action to extend funding.

  • Prevention and Population Health - 06-DEC-2017    Details

    Publications and projects on the social determinants of health and population health from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Policy Lab. (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Policy Lab)

  • Perspectives on Health Equity & Social Determinants of Health - (National Academy of Medicine (NAM))  - 06-DEC-2017    Details

    This NAM Special Publication, an edited volume of discussion papers, provides author's recommendations to advance the agenda to promote health equity for all. Organized by research approaches and policy implications, systems that perpetuate or ameliorate health disparities, and specific examples of ways in which health disparities manifest in communities of color, this special publication provides a stark look at how health and well-being are nurtured, protected, and preserved where people live, learn, work, and play.

  • Weekly Enrollment Snapshot: Week Five - (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), HHS)  - 06-DEC-2017    Details

    In week five of Open Enrollment for 2018, 823,180 people selected plans using the platform.

  • The Big Five Health Insurers' Membership and Revenue Trends: Implications for Public Policy - (Commonwealth Fund)  - 05-DEC-2017    Details

    The five largest commercial insurers together enroll 43%of the insured population, and they increasingly rely on their Medicaid and Medicare business for growth and profitability. Federal and state governments could potentially improve access to coverage by requiring insurers that participate in Medicaid or Medicare to also participate in the marketplaces in the same geographic area.

  • Evaluation of Housing for Health Permanent Supportive Housing Program - (RAND Corporation USA)  - 05-DEC-2017    Details

    Housing for Health (HFH), a division within the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS), was established to provide supportive housing to DHS patients with complex medical and behavioral health issues who were experiencing homelessness. Report evaluates early feedback, health outcomes, and effects on county service utilization and cost.

  • Medical Care Supplement Call for Papers, Health IT to Address Disparities - (National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD), NIH USA, Wolters Kluwer)  - 05-DEC-2017    Details

    NIMHD is sponsoring a Medical Care supplement on "Addressing Health Disparities through the Utilization of Health Information Technology." Original research papers focused on health information technologies and the science of understanding and improving minority health and reducing health disparities are invited. Papers must be submitted by February 12, 2018.

  • Social Determinants of Infant Mortality - (Health Policy Institute of Ohio)  - 05-DEC-2017    Details

    Report outlines policy recommendations to reduce infant mortality in Ohio, focusing on the social determinants of health, priority populations, and policy relevance.

  • A Health Equity and Multisector Approach to Preventing Domestic Violence (JUly 2017) - (Prevention Institute)  - 04-DEC-2017    Details

    Report offers research, analysis, and frameworks to understand the factors in the community environment that support safe relationships and a reduction in domestic violence (DV). It identifies opportunities for 13 sectors to engage in DV prevention, and offers a method for multiple sectors to identify joint strengths, strategies, and outcomes.

  • 2018 ARM - Call for Abstracts - (AcademyHealth)  - 04-DEC-2017    Details

    AcademyHealth is now accepting abstract submissions for the 2018 Annual Research Meeting (June 24-26, 2018) until January 11, 2018.

  • How do health expenditures vary across the population? - (Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) USA)  - 01-DEC-2017    Details

    This collection of charts and a related brief explore trends in the variation in health spending across the population through an analysis of the 2015 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) data.

  • State Options to Protect Consumers and Stabilize the Market - (Georgetown University)  - 01-DEC-2017    Details

    Brief highlights three areas for state action on the Executive Order on short-term health plans: ban or limit short-term plans, reduce market segmentation risk, and increase consumer disclosures and regulatory oversight.

  • Making Medicines Affordable: A National Imperative (2017) - (National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM))  - 30-NOV-2017    Details

    Report examines patient access to affordable and effective therapies, with emphasis on drug pricing, inflation in the cost of drugs, and insurance design; explores structural and policy factors affecting pricing; and makes policy recommendations.

  • Sacramento Briefing - California's Response to the Opioid Epidemic - (California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF))  - 29-NOV-2017    Details

    A briefing held in Sacramento on November 27, 2017 examined the role of state agencies in combating the opioid epidemic. Participants heard about different collaborative approaches, including promoting safer prescribing practices, expanding access to medication-assisted treatment for addiction, and improving communication between prescribers and providers, among others.

  • Building the Case: Low-Income Housing Tax Credits and Health - (Bipartisan Policy Center USA)  - 29-NOV-2017    Details

    This brief aims to explore the potential links between Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) projects and health outcomes as well as to examine innovative ways to leverage LIHTC policy to improve health, close research gaps, and inform federal policy in 2017 and beyond.

  • Weekly Enrollment Snapshot: Week Four - (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), HHS)  - 29-NOV-2017    Details

    n week four of Open Enrollment for 2018, 504,181 people selected plans using the platform.

  • ESRD Facility Characteristics by Rurality and Risk of Closure images/pdf.gif icon - (South Carolina Rural Health Research Center)  - 28-NOV-2017    Details

    Study profiles rural end-stage renal disease (ESRD) facilities, focusing specifically on those at greatest risk for closure based on low-volume designation and/or negative Medicare profit margins and examines characteristics of these facilities, quality of care they provide, and distance patients in rural areas would have to travel if these facilities were to close.

  • Statement on Article Publication Resulting from NIH Funded Research - (National Institutes of Health (NIH), HHS)  - 28-NOV-2017    Details

    In support of public access to National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded research, authors are encouraged to publish their results in reputable journals. The NIH has noted an increase in the numbers of papers reported as products of NIH funding which are published in journals or by publishers that do not follow best practices promoted by professional scholarly publishing organizations.

  • Medicare Advantage: Better information tools, better beneficiary choices, better competition - (Brookings Institution USA)  - 28-NOV-2017    Details

    Report outlines recommendations to improve Medicare Advantage: developing tools to help beneficiaries understand how components of health insurance work, investing in and improving consumer-support tools, assessing if counseling programs are effective in improving consumer decisions, and standardizing the types and number of Medicare Advantage product offerings.

  • A Short Survey for North Dakota Behavioral Health Stakeholders - (University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Center for Rural Health)  - 28-NOV-2017    Details

    The Center for Rural Health at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences is requesting that behavioral health stakeholders in North Dakota complete an electronic survey to assist in prioritizing behavioral health workforce interventions based on need, and the capacity to implement the proposed interventions.

  • New Marketplace Survey: What's Next for Payment Reform? - (New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) USA)  - 27-NOV-2017    Details

    This report focuses on the pace of change toward value-based payment in the health care industry overall, and within individual organizations, based on survey responses from clinicians, clinical leaders, and health care executives at U.S. organizations directly involved in care delivery.

  • Weekly Enrollment Snapshot: Week Three - (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), HHS)  - 27-NOV-2017    Details

    In week three of Open Enrollment for 2018, 798,829 people selected plans using the platform.

  • Pain in the Nation - (Trust for America's Health (TFAH))  - 27-NOV-2017    Details

    Report highlights more than 60 research-based policies, practices and programs to reduce substance use, alcohol misuse and suicide - and promote better well-being for all Americans.

  • School Health Index - (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), HHS)  - 27-NOV-2017    Details

    The School Health Index (SHI): Self-Assessment & Planning Guide 2017 is an online self-assessment and planning tool (also available in a downloadable, printable version) that schools can use to improve their health and safety policies and programs.

  • The Underestimated Cost of the Opioid Epidemic (November 2017) images/pdf.gif icon - (Executive Office of the President)  - 21-NOV-2017    Details

    This paper estimates the economic cost of opioid overdose deaths using conventional economic estimates for valuing life routinely used by U.S. Federal agencies. It also adjusts for underreporting of opioids in overdose deaths, includes heroin-related fatalities, and incorporates nonfatal costs of opioid misuse.

  • Rural Long-Term Services and Supports: A Primer images/pdf.gif icon - (Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI) USA)  - 21-NOV-2017    Details

    This paper provides policymakers and other interested stakeholders a primer on rural long-term services and supports (LTSS): (1) the fundamentals of the rural LTSS system, (2) rural access to and use of LTSS, and (3) discussion of the opportunities within and limitations of current Federal and State LTSS policy for advancing rural health system transformation toward a high-performing rural health delivery system.

  • Primer: Opioid-related Public Health Emergency Declarations - (Network for Public Health Law)  - 20-NOV-2017    Details

    This Primer on Opioid-related Public Health Emergencies provides key information and visual snapshots of federal, state, tribal, and local emergency declarations in response to the opioid crisis across the U.S.

  • Transportation and the Role of Hospitals (November 2017) images/pdf.gif icon - (American Hospital Association (AHA))  - 17-NOV-2017    Details

    This guide discusses the role of hospitals and health systems and recommends strategies for addressing patient transportation issues. It also includes four case studies on hospitals and health systems and their interventions to reduce transportation barriers in their communities.

  • CMS proposes policies to lower the cost of prescription drugs and combat the opioid crisis - (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), HHS)  - 17-NOV-2017    Details

    CMS has issued a proposed rule that includes a number of changes that, if finalized, will ensure that Part D Medicare enrollees have access to more affordable prescription drugs and more robust prescription drug coverage at the pharmacy they prefer. The rule also gives health plans a new tool to combat the opioid crisis.

  • In Rural America, Community-Driven Solutions Improve Health - (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF))  - 17-NOV-2017    Details

    Post outlines examples of innovative local solutions in rural communities awarded the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Prize for their efforts to help people live the healthiest lives possible.

  • Antimicrobial Stewardship in Neonatal Intensive Care: The Oregon and Southwest Washington Collaboration - (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP), HHS)  - 17-NOV-2017    Details

    In January 2016, all 11 NICUs in Oregon and Southwest Washington partnered to form the Northwest Improvement Priority: Antibiotic Stewardship (NW IPAs) quality improvement collaborative (now named Northwest Neonatal Improvement Priority Alliance) in an effort to address antimicrobial stewardship and reduce the unnecessary antibiotic use in the NICU.

  • Using Technology to Advance Global Health: Proceedings of a Workshop (2017) - (National Academies Press (NAP))  - 17-NOV-2017    Details

    Report summarizes a workshop to identify and explore the major challenges and opportunities for developing and implementing digital health strategies within the global, country, and local context, and frame the case for cross-sector and cross-industry collaboration, engagement, and investment in digital health strategies.

  • Separating side effects could hold key for safer opioids - (National Institutes of Health (NIH), HHS)  - 16-NOV-2017    Details

    Scientists have discovered a way to separate the two effects of opioids - pain relief and breathing - opening a window of opportunity to make effective pain medications without the risk of respiratory failure.

  • National organizations support outreach efforts for NIH's All of Us Research Program - (National Institutes of Health (NIH), HHS)  - 16-NOV-2017    Details

    Fourteen national community groups and health care provider associations have partnered with the All of Us Research Program, part of the National NIH, to help raise awareness about the program - an effort to engage 1 million or more volunteers across the country to build one of the largest, most diverse datasets of its kind for health research.

  • Californians' Views on Gender, Sexism, and Domestic Violence - (Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) USA)  - 16-NOV-2017    Details

    Blue Shield of California Foundation sponsored this survey of adult Californians to understand their views on sexism, inequality, and domestic violence. The survey also looked at actions Californians are willing to take when faced with domestic violence in their own lives as well as broader political actions they might take on this issue.

  • Opioid treatment drugs have similar outcomes once patients initiate treatment - (National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), NIH)  - 15-NOV-2017    Details

    A study comparing the effectiveness of two pharmacologically distinct medications used to treat opioid use disorder - a buprenorphine/naloxone combination and an extended release naltrexone formulation - shows similar outcomes once medication treatment is initiated.

  • Weekly Enrollment Snapshot: Week Two - (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), HHS)  - 15-NOV-2017    Details

    In week two of Open Enrollment for 2018, 876,788 people selected plans using the platform.

  • 2018 Updates to the Child and Adult Core Health Care Quality Measurement Sets images/pdf.gif icon - (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), HHS)  - 15-NOV-2017    Details

    This informational bulletin describes the 2018 updates to the core set of children's health care quality measures for Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) (the Child Core Set) and the core set of health care quality measures for adults enrolled in Medicaid (the Adult Core Set).

  • Mass Violence and Behavioral Health (September 2017) images/pdf.gif icon - (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), HHS)  - 15-NOV-2017    Details

    This issue of the Supplemental Research Bulletin focuses on how mass violence affects the behavioral health of adult and young (child and adolescent) survivors or witnesses of a mass violence incident.

  • Modeling the Effects of the Individual Mandate on Health Insurance Coverage - (Congressional Budget Office (CBO) USA)  - 15-NOV-2017    Details

    CBO discusses the theoretical and empirical basis for its estimates of the effect on health insurance coverage of repealing the individual mandate-which requires most people to have insurance or pay a penalty. These slides reprise material presented to CBO's Panel of Health Advisers in September 2017, with the addition of updated estimates published earlier this month.

  • New App Maps Overdose Epidemic in Real Time - (Pew Charitable Trusts USA)  - 14-NOV-2017    Details

    ODMAP is a smart phone application used by first responders to record the time and location of overdoses and transmit the information to a regional mapping database.

  • Health and Segregation - (New York University)  - 14-NOV-2017    Details

    Discussion debates the significance of residential segregation as a social determinant of health and explores potential policy responses.

  • Optimizing Strategies for Clinical Decision Support - (National Academy of Medicine (NAM))  - 14-NOV-2017    Details

    Report identifies the need for a continuously learning health system driven by the seamless and rapid generation, processing, and practical application of the best available evidence for clinical decision-making, and lays out a series of actionable collaborative next steps to optimize strategies for adoption and use of clinical decision support.

  • Evidence Review: Social Determinants of Health for Veterans - (Health Services Research and Development Service (HSR&D), VA)  - 13-NOV-2017    Details

    Brief examines social determinants of Veterans' health, particularly those social determinants that may be more important for Veterans' health outcomes (or for certain Veteran groups), as compared with non-Veterans.

  • Best Practices in Rural Regional Mobility (2017) - (National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM))  - 13-NOV-2017    Details

    Report addresses the role of state transit program policies and regional planning agencies in the development of services that fall in the middle ground between intercity bus service and rural public transportation. Report provides lessons learned on how to address needs for rural regional mobility, and includes a checklist for developing a rural regional route.

  • Medicare Delivery System Reform: The Evidence Link - (Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) USA)  - 13-NOV-2017    Details

    A central source of information and data about Medicare accountable care organizations (ACOs), medical home models, and bundled payment models-all developed by CMS under the ACA. This interactive resource synthesizes the most up-to-date evidence on Medicare's efforts to reduce the growth in health care spending and improve patient care through new payment and delivery reform models.