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News items 4 weeks and older are available on the News Archive Web page.

  • Evidence Map: Women Veterans' Health Research Literature (2008-2015) - (Health Services Research and Development Service, Veterans Administration (HSR&D))  - 08-DEC-2016    Details

    Results of a literature review and an evidence map around healthcare topics of interest according to key study characteristics in order to facilitate planning of future VA research, policy, and clinical activities in women Veterans' health.

  • Mortality in the United States, 2015 - (National Center for Health Statistics, CDC (NCHS))  - 08-DEC-2016    Details

    The newest data on mortality from the National Vital Statistics System found that life expectancy has decreased from the 2014 expectancy.

  • Rewarding Provider Performance: Ten Years In - (Health Affairs)  - 07-DEC-2016    Details

    A post on the transformation of Medicare from an input-based reimbursement system that rewards volume to an outcomes-based reimbursement system that rewards value.

  • Fighting Opioid Abuse in Indian Country - (Pew Charitable Trusts USA)  - 06-DEC-2016    Details

    This article provides an overview of opioid abuse in American Indian and Alaskan Native populations and examples of what tribal leaders are doing to combat it.

  • The Push for Suicide Prevention - (National Institute of Mental Health, NIH (NIMH))  - 06-DEC-2016    Details

    A post from the Director of the National Institute of Mental Health on approaches to suicide prevention.

  • CDC Reports Winnable Battles Results - (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC))  - 05-DEC-2016    Details

    CDC has published the final report on the Winnable Battles program, an effort to make the biggest health impact for the most Americans in the shortest amount of time.

  • National Health Spending Grows Faster In 2015 - (Health Affairs)  - 02-DEC-2016    Details

    A new analysis from CMS, published in Health Affairs, estimates that 2015 health care spending in the U.S. grew at a rate of 5.8% and reached $3.2 trillion, or $9,990 per person.

  • Five Facts about Medicaid - (Commonwealth Fund)  - 02-DEC-2016    Details

    Five facts about Medicaid, including the state expansions, satisfaction, preventive services, and protection from large medical bills.

  • The Massachusetts Opioid Epidemic - (Masschusetts Department of Public Health)  - 02-DEC-2016    Details

    Report and data visualizations from a Massachusetts report on opioid use, addiction, and mortality.

  • Kaiser Health Tracking Poll: November 2016 - (Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) US)  - 01-DEC-2016    Details

    The Kaiser Family Foundation has released the November 2016 update to their health tracking poll, a monthly phone survey of ~1,200 adults on opinions of healthcare topics. This month's topics include the election, repeal of the ACA, and the Republican-sponsored alternative to the ACA.

  • Biorepositories - (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ))  - 22-NOV-2016    Details

    pen for comment until 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on Dec. 19, 2016

  • National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Advisory Committee Members Named - (Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) U.S.)  - 18-NOV-2016    Details

    The 13 nationally recognized subject matter experts in health promotion, disease prevention, epidemiology, health literacy, communication, law, and state and local public health practice who will serve on the Secretary's Advisory Committee on National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives for 2030 have been announced.

  • Using EHRs to Make Medication Management Safer - (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, HHS (ONC))  - 17-NOV-2016    Details

    A post on how ONC is working to make health IT and care safer by focusing on ]medication entry in EHRs.

  • Biweekly Enrollment Snapshot - (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS))  - 16-NOV-2016    Details

    Over a million people have signed up or renewed their insurance coverage through since November 1st.

  • NIH Request for Information (RFI): Strategies for NIH Data Management, Sharing, and Citation - (National Institutes of Health (NIH))  - 14-NOV-2016    Details

    This Request for Information (RFI) seeks public comments on data management and sharing strategies and priorities in order to consider: (1) how digital scientific data generated from NIH-funded research should be managed, and to the fullest extent possible, made publicly available; and, (2) how to set standards for citing shared data and software. Response is requested by December 29, 2016.

  • GEOStory of Opioid Addiction - 14-NOV-2016    Details

    An interactive report that provides data and resources on issues related to the opioid epidemic in Northern Kentucky. (Northern Kentucky Health Department)

  • The Evolving Role of Retail Clinics - (RAND Corporation USA)  - 10-NOV-2016    Details

    A research brief on the prevalence, geography, and use of retail health clinics located in pharmacies, grocery stores, and big box stores.

  • Tackling Life Expectancy Gaps in New Jersey - (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF))  - 10-NOV-2016    Details

    New Jersey Health Initiatives is working to reduce life expectancy disparities by funding community-focused coalitions who are tackling population health issues at the local level.

  • Health Affairs Issue: A Culture Of Health - (Health Affairs)  - 10-NOV-2016    Details

    The November issue of Health Affairs explores where action is most needed to successfully build a Culture of Health and identifies how it can be started. Some articles may require a subscription to read.

  • Health IT Summaries Web-App - (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, HHS (ONC))  - 08-NOV-2016    Details

    Web application allows users to create a custom summary of the latest national and state health IT data and statistics.