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  • Protecting Our Infants Act: Final Strategy Now Available - (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA))  - 28-JUN-2017    Details

    SAMHSA's Final Strategy outlines ways to reduce prenatal opioid exposure and neonatal abstinence syndrome, including preventing exposure and improved screening, treating both mother and infant, and providing services for pregnant and parenting women and their infants.

  • AMA Releases Battleground Poll Results on GOP Health Reform Fixes - (American Medical Association (AMA))  - 27-JUN-2017    Details

    The AMA today released poll results showing that policies currently under consideration- particularly Medicaid cuts and narrowed coverage plans - are largely unpopular among voters in states representing nearly every region of the country.

  • Data Note: 10 Charts About Public Opinion on Medicaid - (Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) US)  - 27-JUN-2017    Details

    A quick look at the public's views of Medicaid, the government health insurance and long-term care program for low-income adults and children, from recent Kaiser Family Foundation polls.

  • State Medicaid Quality Metrics and Performance-Based Incentives for Women's Health Services to Improve Birth Outcomes - (National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP))  - 27-JUN-2017    Details

    This series of maps and accompanying chart illustrate state-specific Medicaid measures, performance improvement projects, and incentives promoting women's health services. The series reflects: managed or accountable care performance improvement projects; managed care performance measures; metrics or incentives in statewide Medicaid system transformation (e.g., patient-centered medical home, accountable care initiative); other financial incentives for providers, including pay for performance; and patient incentives. Measures, projects and incentives fall into seven general categories: behavioral health, chronic disease, delivery and postpartum care, general health, prenatal care, reproductive health, and substance use.

  • H.R. 1628, Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 Cost Estimate - (Congressional Budget Office (CBO) US)  - 26-JUN-2017    Details

    An estimate of the direct spending and revenue effects of the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017, a Senate amendment in the nature of a substitute to H.R. 1628. CBO and JCT estimate that enacting this legislation would reduce the cumulative federal deficit over the 2017-2026 period by $321 billion. The Senate bill would increase the number of people who are uninsured by 22 million in 2026 relative to the number under current law.

  • Evaluation of CMS's Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) Advanced Primary Care Practice (APCP) Demonstration - (RAND Corporation USA)  - 26-JUN-2017    Details

    An independent evaluation of the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) Advanced Primary Care Practice (APCP) Demonstration for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). The evaluation studied the processes and challenges involved in transforming FQHCs into patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs) and assessed the effects of the FQHC APCP Demonstration model on access, quality, and cost of care provided to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries served by FQHCs.

  • NASUAD Oral Health I&R/A Survey - (National Association of States United on Aging and Disabilities (NASUAD) USA)  - 23-JUN-2017    Details

    NASUAD is currently administering a brief survey to learn more about the access of older adults and persons with disabilities to oral health services. Responses are requested by July 21, 2017.

  • SAMHSA announces $44.6 million in grants to expand the behavioral healthcare workforce - (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA))  - 23-JUN-2017    Details

    The purpose of this program is to develop the healthcare workforce to treat substance use disorders and support recovery. Grantees will establish a network to collaborate with each other and SAMHSA to improve treatment and recovery. The newly created network will feature a National Coordinating Office and 10 regional centers spread around the country.

  • Help The Commonwealth Fund Improve Their Health System Scorecards - (Commonwealth Fund)  - 23-JUN-2017    Details

    The Commonwealth Fund has asked the Rutgers University Center for State Health Policy to conduct an assessment of its Health System Performance Scorecards to help us improve the scorecards to better meet user needs. The Fund's scorecards are an online resource that provide states, communities, and the nation with health system performance benchmarks and rankings of health care access, quality, efficiency, and health outcomes. Please submit responses by July 7, 2017.

  • Medicaid's Role for Women - (Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) US)  - 23-JUN-2017    Details

    This factsheet presents key data points describing the current state of the Medicaid program as it affects women.

  • Addiction in America - (Washington Post Live)  - 22-JUN-2017    Details

    On Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at The Washington Post, policymakers, researchers and health care experts examined the roots of the country's opioid crisis and discussed solutions for combating addiction in America. Transcripts and recorded videos are available.

  • #RuralHealthChat: Oral Health Access in Rural Areas - (Rural Health Information Hub)  - 22-JUN-2017    Details

    June 29, 2017 1:00-2:00pm ET. Join the Rural Health Information Hub on Thursday, June 29, 2017 to learn about the impact improved oral health access can have in rural communities. Use the hashtag #RuralHealthChat to tweet with experts from around the country working to improve oral health access in rural areas.

  • Training Series: Health Equity and Social Justice 101 - (National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO))  - 20-JUN-2017    Details

    NACCHO has recently launched a Health Equity and Social Justice 101 Training Series to increase the knowledge and inform the practices of local health departments and their multi-sector partners on health equity and social justice (HESJ) principles, key concepts, and applications.

  • Pandemics and the poor - (Brookings Institution US)  - 20-JUN-2017    Details

    This blog post looks at why vulnerable populations are more susceptible to epidemics and pandemics and how these populations can be protected.

  • Improving Diagnostic Quality & Safety - (National Quality Forum (NQF) USA)  - 20-JUN-2017    Details

    A committee of the NQF devoted to developing a conceptual framework that will identify measures in development, testing, and in use and make recommendations for the development of priority measures to address measurement gaps in diagnostic accuracy.

  • The Case for Supervised Consumption Services (June 2017) images/pdf.gif icon - (American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR))  - 16-JUN-2017    Details

    This issue brief outlines the case for supervised consumption services, a public health intervention that provides a safe and clean space for people to use drugs under staff supervision, reducing disease transmission, overdosing, and connecting users with treatment and social services.

  • What's at Stake with ACA Repeal? - (Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) US)  - 16-JUN-2017    Details

    Map and tables that highlight the increases in health insurance coverage through Medicaid and the Marketplaces as well as the increased federal funding that resulted from the implementation of the ACA.

  • High-Need Patients in Their Own Words - (Commonwealth Fund)  - 15-JUN-2017    Details

    Video of three interviews with high-needs patients, those with multiple chronic conditions, patients under 65 with disabilities, and frail elders.

  • Telehealth 2016-2017 - Draft Report for Comment - (National Quality Forum (NQF) USA)  - 15-JUN-2017    Details

    The National Quality Forum is soliciting public comments on a project to identify existing and potential telehealth metrics to identify gaps and develop a measure framework, prioritized list of measure concepts, and guiding principles for future telehealth measurement. Comments will be accepted through June 30th.

  • Abuse of older people on the rise - 1 in 6 affected - (World Health Organization (WHO))  - 14-JUN-2017    Details

    A new study, supported by WHO and published in the Lancet Global Health, has found that almost 16% of people aged 60 years and older were subjected to either psychological abuse (11.6%), financial abuse (6.8%), neglect (4.2%), physical abuse (2.6%) or sexual abuse (0.9%).

  • Proposed Interoperability Standards Measurement Framework Public Comments - (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, HHS (ONC))  - 14-JUN-2017    Details

    ONC is soliciting feedback on a proposed industry-wide measurement framework for assessing the implementation and use of health care interoperability standards. This framework aims to help health IT developers, health information exchange organizations, and health care providers move towards a set of uniform measures to assess interoperability progress. Comments must be submitted by July 31, 2017.

  • Medicare Basics: An Overview for States Seeking to Integrate Care for Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees - (Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.)  - 13-JUN-2017    Details

    This technical assistance brief provides an overview of issues integrating care of Medicaid-Medicare enrollees and, where relevant, highlights important areas of overlap with Medicaid, including coverage of nursing facility services, home health, durable medical equipment, hospice, transportation, and prescription drugs. It also provides a brief summary of how rates are set in Medicare Advantage managed care programs.

  • LGBTQ Health Care Bill of Rights (2017) images/pdf.gif icon - (New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene)  - 13-JUN-2017    Details

    New York City just published a LGBTQ Health Care Bill of Rights, a list of current legal rights and protections for LGBTQ communities that can be used to assert health care rights.

  • Finance in rural and urban hospitals (2017) images/pdf.gif icon - (Minnesota Department of Health (MDH))  - 13-JUN-2017    Details

    Brief provides a snapshot of key financial trends in rural Minnesota hospitals between 2011 and 2015, the period encompassing implementation of the ACA.

  • Beta Testing Begins for NIH's All of Us Research Program - (National Institutes of Health (NIH))  - 12-JUN-2017    Details

    The NIH's All of Us Research Program is now enrolling participants as beta testers, who will work to find problems with the All Of Us systems and processes to improve performance of the platform.

  • Cost-Related Non-Adherence to Prescribed Medicines Among Older Adults - (BMJ Group UK)  - 12-JUN-2017    Details

    A cross-national comparison of cost-related non-adherence of prescription medication among older adults using data from The Commonwealth Fund's 2014 International Health Policy Survey. The researchers hypothesizing that older adults in countries with universal prescription drug coverage would be less likely to report cost as a barrier to prescription compliance.

  • Medicaid's Role for Seniors - (Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) US)  - 09-JUN-2017    Details

    This infographic provides an overview of the impact of Medicaid on seniors and their health care coverage and access.

  • How Is Health Care Utilization Changing? - (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF))  - 09-JUN-2017    Details

    This post looks at how slowing growth in health care jobs and changes in how health care is being utilized with the increasing focus of population health and retail clinics with convenient care are indicative of decreasing health care spending.

  • From Obamacare To Trumpcare - (Health Affairs)  - 09-JUN-2017    Details

    Health Affairs has updated their health care reform resource hub to include information and analysis from multiple sources and viewpoints, with the goal to provide comprehensive collection of thought leadership and emerging knowledge on policy issues related to the current health reform debate.

  • Replicating Effective Models Of Complex Care Management For Older Adults - (Health Affairs)  - 08-JUN-2017    Details

    This posts describes how effectively strengthening the design and implementation of scalable models and innovating methods to improve spread of proven effective models will complement the patient-centered medical home model, and improve the system of care for older adults with complex health needs.

  • Medicaid Lessons From Pioneering States - (Vanderbilt University USA)  - 08-JUN-2017    Details

    Two briefs that synthesize the available evidence on how HSAs, cost sharing, payment enforcement, and healthy behavior programs have worked in several states, including Arkansas, Indiana, and Michigan. The briefs include a summary of these changes, available evidence from state waiver evaluations, and best practices for state and federal policymakers considering implementing similar programs.

  • Report on Lessons Learned from Rural Opioid Overdose Reversal Grant Recipients (April 2017) images/pdf.gif icon - (National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH) USA)  - 08-JUN-2017    Details

    This report highlights lessons from the Rural Opioid Overdose Reversal (ROOR) pilot program to develop community partnerships to combat the opioid crisis at the local level. The program trained rural healthcare professionals, emergency responders, and other community members to recognize the signs of overdose and administer naloxone as necessary.

  • ONC announces winners of Privacy Policy Snapshot Challenge - (Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) U.S.)  - 08-JUN-2017    Details

    The Department of Health and Human Services' Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) today announced the winners of the Privacy Policy Snapshot Challenge. Winners of this challenge created Model Privacy Notice (MPN) generators that produce a customizable MPN for health information technology (IT) developers, making it easier for consumers to see a product's privacy and security policies.

  • An Overview of Home-Based Primary Care: Learning from the Field - (Commonwealth Fund)  - 07-JUN-2017    Details

    Homebound and functionally limited individuals are often unable to access office-based primary care, leading to unmet needs and increased health care spending. This study shows how home-based primary care affects outcomes and costs for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries with complex care needs.

  • Cuts In Federal Housing Help Would Hurt People's Health, Research Suggests - (Kaiser Health News (KHN) US)  - 06-JUN-2017    Details

    A recent study published in Health Affairs found that those receiving housing assistance from the federal government were more likely to have health insurance and access to regular health care. A loss of federal funding for housing could negatively impact the health of low-income populations.

  • Medicare Advantage 2017 Spotlight: Enrollment Market Update - (Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) US)  - 06-JUN-2017    Details

    This Data Spotlight reviews national and state-level Medicare Advantage enrollment trends as of March 2017 and examines variations in enrollment by plan type and firm. It analyzes the most recent data on premiums, out-of-pocket limits, and quality ratings.

  • Health Affairs' June Issue: Pursuing Health Equity - (Health Affairs)  - 06-JUN-2017    Details

    The June issue of Health Affairs, a theme issue, explores the pursuit of health equity and the obligations of the health care sector to achieve it. The issue examines the subject from two perspectives: equity in care, and the relationship between social factors and health equity. Articles may require a subscription to view.

  • Community Health Heroes - (National Academy of Medicine (NAM))  - 05-JUN-2017    Details

    This series highlights individuals or groups who are working to advance health and health equity in communities across the nation. The series features preventive strategies and programs that are conceived and implemented at the local level and focus on a range of factors that contribute to health, like education, employment, health systems and services, housing, income and wealth, the physical environment, public safety, the social environment, and transportation.

  • Men's Health Month - June - (Office of Minority Health (OMH))  - 02-JUN-2017    Details

    Website contains downloadable materials, resources, and events to raise awareness for men's health.

  • Community Health Improvement Week: June 5-9, 2017 - (Association for Community Health Improvement (ACHI))  - 01-JUN-2017    Details

    ACHI's Community Health Improvement Week is a national event to recognize community health professionals for their passion and dedication to improving the health of the communities they serve. Site provides resources and promotional materials to promote community health improvement.

  • HHS announces over $70 million in grants to address the opioid crisis - (Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) U.S.)  - 01-JUN-2017    Details

    HHS has announced the availability of over $70 million over multiple years to help communities and healthcare providers prevent opioid overdose deaths and provide treatment for opioid use disorder, of which $28 million will be dedicated for medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

  • Fact Sheet: Overdose Reporting Requirements - (Network for Public Health Law)  - 01-JUN-2017    Details

    This Fact Sheet provides a snapshot of current and proposed laws, regulations, and sub-regulatory sources governing mandatory disease reporting and a description of the laws and regulations governing reporting of overdoses in the jurisdictions that require or explicitly permit it.

  • International Profiles of Health Care Systems - (Commonwealth Fund)  - 01-JUN-2017    Details

    This publication presents overviews of the health care systems of Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, England, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United States.

  • HHS announces the Move Health Data Forward Phase 3 challenge winners - (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, HHS (ONC))  - 31-MAY-2017    Details

    The final winners in the Move Health Data Forward challenge are Foxhall Wythe LLC and Live and Leave Well, LLC, both of which developed innovative ways for Americans to own and manage their health information safely and securely.

  • Rural Health Snapshot (2017) - (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC))  - 31-MAY-2017    Details

    Snapshot presents data across multiple health and health-related domains, including mortality and data on other characteristics associated with the health of a population.

  • Elder Maltreatment Survey - (National Indigenous Elder Justice Initiative (NIEJI))  - 30-MAY-2017    Details

    NIEJI is offering assistance to Tribal organizations in collecting data on elder abuse in their communities.