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News Archive in HSR

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December 2016

November 2016

  • Healthy Aging in Action: Advancing the National Prevention Strategy (November 2016) images/pdf.gif icon - (Office of the Surgeon General, HHS) - 07-NOV-2016 Details

    This report identifies specific actions for healthy aging that are continuing to improve health and well-being in later life, specifically highlighting federal and nonfederal programs that advance the four Strategic Directions of the National Prevention Strategy (Strategy) for older adults: Healthy and Safe Community Environments, Clinical and Community Preventive Services, Empowered People, and Elimination of Health Disparities.

  • Health of the States Health of the States - (Urban Institute (UI)) - 03-NOV-2016 Details

    The Health of the States (HOTS) project is a detailed analysis of state rankings on 39 health outcomes, and correlations between those health outcomes and 123 determinants of health spanning five domains: health care, health behaviors, social and economic factors, the physical and social environment, and public policies and spending.

  • All 50 States and D.C. CHIP Fact Sheets All 50 States and D.C. CHIP Fact Sheets - (National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP)) - 01-NOV-2016 Details

    These Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) fact sheets provide up-to-date information about CHIP for each state, including data on enrollment, participation rates, eligibility levels, benefits, cost sharing requirements, and other key program characteristics. Fact sheets are available for 2014 and 2016.

October 2016

  • Health Impact in 5 Years (HI-5) Health Impact in 5 Years (HI-5) - (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)) - 20-OCT-2016 Details

    The Health Impact in 5 Years (HI-5) initiative highlights non-clinical, community-wide approaches that have evidence reporting 1) positive health impacts, 2) results within five years, and 3) cost effectiveness and/or cost savings over the lifetime of the population or earlier.

  • Urbanization Urbanization - (Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.) - 20-OCT-2016 Details

    This visualization displays populations from 1950 to 2030 for urban agglomerations with over one million inhabitants at any point during this time span.

  • Speak Up! Speak Up! - (AIDS Foundation of Chicago USA, Harvard University) - 12-OCT-2016 Details

    A web-based information hub that identifies health equity issues facing people living with HIV, advocates, and providers across the nation that are related to the Affordable Care Act, and seeks resolutions on a personal scale and beyond through education, advocacy and policy change.

  • Actuarial Challenge Actuarial Challenge - (Milliman US, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)) - 12-OCT-2016 Details

    An initiative to test different approaches to increasing stability in the individual health insurance market. Initial team/individual applications are due October 28, 2016.

  • State Health Gaps State Health Gaps - (County Health Rankings & Roadmaps) - 11-OCT-2016 Details

    Provides state-level reports and data on gaps in opportunities for health between counties within each state.

  • Preparing Nurses for New Roles in Population Health Management (2016) images/pdf.gif icon - 05-OCT-2016 Details

    This publication advocates for educational efforts to prepare nurses to gather and analyze population-level data, promote wellness and disease prevention in the community, adopt and disseminate best practices for population health, and identify patients who may benefit from greater outreach efforts to promote health screening and related primary care services.

September 2016

  • The Gap in Medigap The Gap in Medigap - (Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) US) - 27-SEP-2016 Details

    A perspective on Medigap, a supplemental insurance for Medicare enrollees, and its lack of coverage and availability, for adults under 65 with disabilities who are enrolled in Medicare.

  • Security Risk Assessment Tool Security Risk Assessment Tool - (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, HHS (ONC)) - 26-SEP-2016 Details

    A self-contained, operating system independent application which takes providers and professionals through each HIPAA requirement based on their organization's activities.

  • Centralized Repository for Public Health Agencies and Clinical Data Registry Reporting images/pdf.gif icon - (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)) - 19-SEP-2016 Details

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is developing a centralized repository for public health agency and clinical data registry reporting, which will assist eligible professionals, eligible hospitals and critical access hospitals (CAHs) in finding entities that accept electronic public health data.

  • PHSSR Translational Toolbox PHSSR Translational Toolbox - (Public Health Services and Systems Research and the Practice-Based Research Networks (PHSSR/PBRN)) - 14-SEP-2016 Details

    Toolkits to guide initiatives on quality improvement, quality assessment, and public health services costs, among others. Tools are designed for public health practitioners, managers, policymakers, and researchers.

  • Medicaid Works Medicaid Works - (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities USA) - 14-SEP-2016 Details

    A site with resources on how Medicaid improves access to healthcare, its successes, and an argument for why states should expand Medicaid.

  • Cancer Moonshot Report Cancer Moonshot Report - (National Cancer Institute, NIH (NCI)) - 08-SEP-2016 Details

    The report to the National Cancer Advisory Board was released on September 7, 2016. The report describes 10 transformative research recommendations for achieving the Cancer Moonshot's ambitious goal of making a decade's worth of progress in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in just 5 years.

August 2016

  • The Health Status of Northeast Texas 2016 images/pdf.gif icon - (University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio) - 31-AUG-2016 Details

    A report on the health status of residents of a largely rural 35-county area, including mortality rates, prevalence of cigarette smoking, healthcare access, and percentage of people with health insurance.