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This report reflects new resources added to the database between Jun-30-2015 and Aug-29-2015.
228 new records were added during this period.

Aging Population Issues/Aging Population News

Aging Population Issues/Data, Tools & Statistics

Aging Population Issues/Grants, Funding, and Fellowships

Aging Population Issues/Guidelines, Journals, Other

Aging Population Issues/Meetings, Conferences, and Webinars

Child Health Services Research/Child Health Services Research News

Child Health Services Research/Data, Tools, and Statistics

Child Health Services Research/Grants, Funding, and Fellowships

Child Health Services Research/Guidelines, Journals, Other Publications

Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER)/Comparative Effectiveness Research News

Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER)/Grants, Funding, and Fellowships

Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER)/Guidelines, Journals, Other (Publications/Videos)

Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER)/Key Organizations/Programs

Data, Tools and Statistics/Data Charts/Series

Data, Tools and Statistics/Databases/Repositories

Data, Tools and Statistics/Health Statistics

Data, Tools and Statistics/Tools

Dissemination and Implementation Science/Dissemination and Implementation Science News

Dissemination and Implementation Science/Meetings, Conferences, Webinars

Domestic Violence/Data, Tools, and Statistics

Domestic Violence/Education and Training

Domestic Violence/Grants, Funding

Domestic Violence/Guidelines, Journals, Publications

Domestic Violence/Key Organizations

Education and Training/Education and Training Opportunities - Federal (U.S.)

Education and Training/Education and Training Opportunities - Other

Education and Training/Online Courses and Materials

Evaluation Resources for Assessing HIT Systems and HIT Implementation, Adoption and Use/Tools, and Worksheets

Evidence-Based Practice and Health Technology Assessment/Evidence-based Practice/HTA News

Federal State Resources/Data, Tools, and Statistics

Grants, Funding and Fellowships/Fellowships

Guidelines, Journals Other Publications/Guidelines

Health Care Reform, Health Economics, and Health Policy/Data, Tools, and Statistics

Health Care Reform, Health Economics, and Health Policy/Health Care Reform, Health Economics, and Health Policy News

Health Disparities/Data, Tools, and Statistics

Health Disparities/Grants, Funding and Fellowships

Health Disparities/Health Disparities News

Health Disparities/Key Organizations/Programs

Health Disparities/Meetings / Conferences / Webinars

Health Informatics/Data, Tools, and Statistics

Health Informatics/Guidelines, Journals, Other Publications

Health Informatics/Health Informatics News

Health Informatics/Meetings, Conferences, Webcasts

Health Literacy and Cultural Competence/Guidelines, Journals, Other Publications

Health Literacy and Cultural Competence/Health Literacy and Cultural Competence News

Health Literacy and Cultural Competence/Meetings/ Conferences /Webinars

HSR Social Media Resources/Podcasts/Twitter/Videos

Legislation/Federal Legislation

Legislation/State Legislation

Meetings and Conferences/Associations and Organizations

Meetings and Conferences/Federal Agencies

Meetings and Conferences/Upcoming Meetings and Conferences

Meetings and Conferences/Webcasts


News Archive in HSR

Privacy/Security and Research with Electronic Health Records/EHR Privacy/Security and Research News

Public Health Services and Systems Research/Data, Tools, and Statistics

Public Health Services and Systems Research/Meeting/Conferences/Webinars

Public Health Services and Systems Research/Public Health Services and Systems Research News

Quality/Data, Tools, and Statistics

Quality/Key Organizations/Programs

Quality/Meetings and Conferences

Quality/Quality News

Rural Health/Data, Tools, and Statistics

Rural Health/Meetings / Conferences / Webinars

Rural Health/Rural Health News

State and Local Specific Resources/Data, Tools, and Statistics

State and State/Local Resources/Federal State Resources

State and State/Local Resources/Other State Resources