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NLM Email Lists

Commonly Used LISTSERV Commands

The following are some of the most-used commands for LISTSERV subscribers.
When using these commands always:

  • Send the command(s) in an email message addressed to:
  • Substitute the name of the list for listname whenever it appears with a command.
  • Type the command(s) in the body of the message. (Never in the subject line.)
  • Use one line for each command, if you are sending more than one command in the message.
  • Note that not every list supports all of the list options (For example, not all lists allow a DIGEST setting.)
Command line
SUBSCRIBE listname your name   »
subscribes you to the list specified
SIGNOFF listname  » removes you from the specified list
SET listname NOMAIL   »
SET listname MAIL   »
stops incoming mail from specified list
resumes mail from the list
SET listname DIGEST   »
SET listname NODIGEST   »
subscriber receives a digest of messages
messages are delivered to you as they are posted
SET listname ACK   »
SET listname NOACK   »
sends confirmation when you post to the list
no confirmation message is sent when you post to the list
HELP   » receive a list of LISTSERV® commands
INFO listname  » receive information about a specific list
QUERY listname  » receive your current subscription settings