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Transcript: "Dr. Janelle Goetcheus"

Dr. Janelle Goetcheus and Charles Kirksey

Dr. Goetcheus: Our work involves having health services that are located in places of need, and we want to be where people are or meet, and so our community health centers are often in areas that are very poor areas. We also have a number of health services located directly in homeless shelters. They've come in for whatever the medical problem, sore throat, whatever. But my real thinking is how can I help this person not be homeless. And, that takes a team of people around in order to put together a multiple-istic team of care for people. So we meet people in multiple settings or for someone who's homeless, we'll meet them out on the street, and we'll meet them on that mobile truck.

Charles Kirksey: I've been homeless all my life. I had nobody to teach me, nobody to show me, and nobody to give me an understanding of, you know, how to get along in life without just scrounging around doing the best I can, you know, to stay alive. This is her way of giving back to the community and to society. And we all, we appreciate it because she is not only saving lives, she's producing a structure of life where people can do for themselves.

Dr. Goetcheus: I, I feel very, very committed to being a part of this city and all its goodness, all its struggles, and being a part of the people. So I'm very honored to be nominated as a Local Legend.

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