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Several pictures of doctors who are featured on the Local Legends web site



State/Congressional Nominator Medical Specialty Audio/Video Clips
Photo of Carol Garvey, M.D.

Carol Garvey, M.D.

"Public health advocate, teacher, mentor and caring physician"

"I was an English major in college, but between my junior and senior years in college, I worked with Dr. Vernon Mountcastle, an eminent pioneering neurologist at Johns Hopkins University and found it fascinating. Although I had intended to enter teaching, my husband-to-be convinced me to go to medical school."

Chris Van Hollen
Photo of Carolyn B. Hendricks, M.D.

Carolyn B. Hendricks, M.D.

"Breast Cancer Crusader"

"My goal is to give quality care and treatment for breast cancer within the community. I'm trying to provide the same high quality care that patients would get at a large institution, but close to home and without having to travel great distances."

Chris Van Hollen
Photo of Muriel Isolde Kaiser-Kupfer, M.D.

Muriel Isolde Kaiser-Kupfer, M.D.

"One of the world's great eye researchers"

"I have followed some of my patients for as long as 25 years and been able to observe the results of my scientific work firsthand. More importantly, I have developed a real love and affection for them."

Chris Van Hollen
Photo of Ruth Kirschstein, M.D.

Ruth Kirschstein, M.D.

"Outstanding scientist, mentor and administrator "

"I wanted to be a doctor from a very young age - even before I went to high school. I'm not sure exactly what motivated me. I had a father who was a chemist. I had a mother who was extremely ill through most of my childhood, and spent a long time in the hospital. It may have been that, that motivated me partly as well."

Chris Van Hollen
Photo of Audrey Penn, M.D.

Audrey Penn, M.D.

"Leading neurologist and neuromuscular scientist"

"If you are interested in science and medicine, then do it. It's not going to be easy. But there is a lot of exciting research out there to be done, with many opportunities in all areas of science and medicine. You just have to get out there and learn about it."

Chris Van Hollen
Photo of Carol Ann Feinstein Plotsky, M.D.

Carol Ann Feinstein Plotsky, M.D.

"Devoted Pediatrician and Medical Staff Leader"

"When I decided to give up law and go to medical school I had to justify it to myself. If I was going to be taking a place in a medical school class, I wanted to link my new career to my former career. I felt that helping children was the best way to do this."

Chris Van Hollen
Photo of Elise C. Riley, M.D.

Elise C. Riley, M.D.

"Champion for Those Lacking Access to Health Care"

"The two biggest challenges in working for the uninsured and indigent in our clinic are trying to locate services for patients who need special care or follow-up–such as diabetics; and understanding the needs of our patients. We have a tremendous diversity in culture and language, and we always have to remember how hard it is for some patients to make their needs known."

Chris Van Hollen
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