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Several pictures of doctors who are featured on the Local Legends web site



State/Congressional Nominator Medical Specialty Audio/Video Clips
Photo of Jeanne E. Grove, D.O.

Jeanne E. Grove, D.O.

"Unwavering commitment to patients..."

"I was at a point in my life at which I wanted to build on my nursing experience. After considering a Ph.D. in nursing, however, I decided medicine offered more options. So, with the unwavering support of my father, and husband, Sam, who was a physician, I went to medical school to become a cardiologist. But obstetrics and gynecology became my passion because I could do surgery and take care of women!"

New York
Louise M. Slaughter
Photo of Ruth A. Lawrence, M.D.

Ruth A. Lawrence, M.D.

"Championing the benefits of breastfeeding"

"I was a physics major during college, assigned to a work-study program at a pharmaceutical company researching consumers' product questions. I found it quite interesting and earned high grades for my work. So during my exit interview, I was asked if I was going to medical school. I'd never thought of it but six weeks later I had decided to and was very fortunate to be accepted at Rochester by Dr. George Whipple, dean of the medical school and a Nobel Prize winner in medicine."

New York
Louise M. Slaughter
Photo of Linda Brodsky, M.D.

Linda Brodsky, M.D.

"Putting women and children first"

"I was very close to my aunt and uncle—he was a doctor—and in my teenage and early college years, they were exceptionally supportive of me and my wish to become a doctor."

New York
Louise Slaughter
and Thomas Reynolds
Photo of Carolyn Ferree, M.D.

Carolyn Ferree, M.D.

"Unwavering devotion to patient care..."

"I was raised in a small town with an unreliable doctor, despite the fact that he was need so badly, so promised myself that I could do better taking care of folks. That was when I was about five or six. I always knew what I was meant to do and never wavered. And I was right. I can't imagine a more rewarding career than taking care of cancer patients."

North Carolina
Richard Burr
Photo of Peggy Goodman, M.D.

Peggy Goodman, M.D.

"The challenge of never knowing what's next!"

"I like fixing problems…anybody who walks in the door who needs medical care is someone I can help."

North Carolina
Walter B. Jones
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Photo of Lesly Tamarin Mega, M.D.

Lesly Tamarin Mega, M.D.

"Activist, teacher, mentor, role model and mother"

"I had to make a decision about becoming a doctor at 17 years of age because of the unusual program I would be in-six years for a bachelor's degree and an MD. We took our undergraduate arts courses during the summers; it was really intense. But I wanted to be a doctor"

North Carolina
Walter B. Jones
Photo of Jonnie Horn McLeod, M.D.

Jonnie Horn McLeod, M.D.

"Caring pediatrician and addictions treatment expert"

"My father was a doctor and starting at age 13, I used to make house calls with him, helping to deliver babies. I once even stitched up a man's ear when his car wrecked outside our home!"

North Carolina
Sue Myrick
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