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Several pictures of doctors who are featured on the Local Legends web site



State/Congressional Nominator Medical Specialty Audio/Video Clips
Photo of Christina M. Surawicz, M.D.

Christina M. Surawicz, M.D.

"Leading Researcher and Educator in Gastroenterology"

"I love teaching and clinical work. They're both challenging, and you're always learning something new."

Jim McDermott
Photo of Mary Krueger, D.O.

Mary Krueger, D.O.

"Physician – soldier, fighter for women and children"

"I love science and am fascinated by how the human body works, and I have a strong interest in public health, in helping to create the conditions for better health, such as vaccinations to prevent disease, and clean water and improved health education."

Adam Smith
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Photo of Mildred Mitchell-Bateman, M.D.
"When I first started treating mental illness, the message was there is no cure; no getting better. Patients were warehoused in overcrowded wards. Now we have a total approach to care. Our patients are not crowded into hospitals and confined to a bed. They are up and living a life."

West Virginia
Shelley Moore Capito
Photo of Paulette S. Wehner, M.D.

Paulette S. Wehner, M.D.

"Leading Interventional Cardiologist and Educator"

"Women respond differently to heart attacks than do men. Women need different treatments, different therapies, and different recovery plans."

West Virginia
John D. Rockefeller IV
Photo of Molly Carnes, M.D.

Molly Carnes, M.D.

"...creating a symphony of healthy changes"

"I wanted to see more women in academic medicine and, as a geriatrician I was concerned that the health and health care needs of the older women were being neglected in the growing dialogue around women's health."

Tammy Baldwin
Photo of Linda Farley, M.D.

Linda Farley, M.D.

"Passionate crusader for health care reform"

"I love working in mixed cultures and bringing health care to people who really need it-the uninsured in inner cities and rural areas."

Tammy Baldwin
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