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Several pictures of doctors who are featured on the Local Legends web site



State/Congressional Nominator Medical Specialty Audio/Video Clips
Photo of Marilyn K. Glassberg, M.D.

Marilyn K. Glassberg, M.D.

"Leading researcher of lung disorders in women"

"I was curious. My father was a physician, my mother a nurse who didn't go to medical school because it was the 1940s—and told me never to be a nurse."

Lincoln Diaz–Balart
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Photo of Rebecca Pauly, M.D.

Rebecca Pauly, M.D.

"Leader in Medical Education and Patient Care"

"I'm a great believer in balance. Strive to be balanced in your life; to be passionate about your work but broad and open in your professional and personal life. That balance makes you a better physician."

Cliff Stearns
Photo of Elisabeth A. McKeen, M.D.

Elisabeth A. McKeen, M.D.

"Pioneer in Genetics of Breast Cancer"

"I always liked science. As far back as I can remember, I wanted to study cancer and what causes it, and then prevent it."

Rep. Robert Wexler
Photo of Jean Maleki, M.D.

Jean Maleki, M.D.

"Dedicated and Outstanding Public Health Official"

"For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be involved in healing people. I love the idea of serving the community, and in public health you can help large populations, and get to have a bigger impact than a physician in private practice."

Robert Wexler
Photo of Karen Kinsell, M.D.

Karen Kinsell, M.D.

"From Times Square... to serve the rural poor "

"I wanted to go to medical school when I graduated from high school, but my college did not have a "pre-med" major... so, eventually, I moved to New York City and had the opportunity to run residential facilities for mentally ill homeless people for seven years. I decided I needed more education to have more power to help people, and that becoming a physician would give me that power."

Sanford D. Bishop, Jr.
Photo of Sharon Weiss, M.D.

Sharon Weiss, M.D.

"World-renowned pathologist"

"My father was a surgeon, a charismatic and well-respected man. He served as an inspiration for me. But it was an undergraduate college course in the structure of the cell that motivated me to become a pathologist."

Johnny Isakson
Photo of Erica Frank, M.D.

Erica Frank, M.D.

"Exceptional energy as a physician and academic"

"I have always had a burning desire to make the world a better place, and preventive medicine is the key to helping people in powerful ways. My advice to girls, especially, is to think big: through medicine and public health, you'll have the power to transform the way the world looks."

John Lewis
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