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Several pictures of doctors who are featured on the Local Legends web site



State/Congressional Nominator Medical Specialty Audio/Video Clips
Photo of Trellis Baker, M.D.

Trellis Baker, M.D.

"It's never too late to make a difference!"

"I love taking care of people, I love medicine and making medical decisions, and I want my life to make a difference."

Jim Marshall
Photo of Ann Jobe, M.D.

Ann Jobe, M.D.

"Passionate, patient-centered health care reformer"

"A major motivator was my concern that too often patients were not included as a central core of their own health care team, so I decided I would be willing to pursue seven additional years of medical education and residency to become a part of the a doctor."

Jim Marshall
Photo of Jean Sumner, M.D.

Jean Sumner, M.D.

"First a nurse, now the hometown doctor..."

"Poor people, old people and people who work all day and come home to find their children sick and have nobody to call on. That's why I decided to become a doctor."

Jim Marshall
Photo of M. Therese Southgate, M.D.

M. Therese Southgate, M.D.

"Physician, journalist and incomparable essayist..."

"I was eight when I decided to be a journalist, 28 when I decided be a doctor. I have been incredibly lucky to be both, to do what I have a passion for!"

Danny K. Davis
Photo of Alice Brandfonbrener, M.D.

Alice Brandfonbrener, M.D.

"Leader in Performing Arts Medicine "

"My specialty itself has raised greater awareness among music educators and professional musicians that there are real health problems to be addressed; they're not just imaginary."

Rep. Danny K. Davis
Photo of Carolyn Lopez, M.D.

Carolyn Lopez, M.D.

"Leader in Family Health Care for Minorities "

"I remember going to a health fair at a school that was predominantly Hispanic, and one kid told me, 'I look at you and see that your skin is the same color as mine. If you made it I can make it too.' A lot of times we don't even realizing that we're sending a message and serving as both a symbol and a family physician"

Rahm Emanuel
Photo of Lorene Eckberg, M.D.

Lorene Eckberg, M.D.

"Mother of four, pediatrician and volunteer..."

"Being a doctor fulfills my dream of helping people; of making a difference in their lives."

Dennis Hastert
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