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Several pictures of doctors who are featured on the Local Legends web site

MEET LOCAL LEGENDS: By Medical Specialty


State/Congressional Nominator Medical Specialty Audio/Video Clips
Photo of Carol Scott-Conner, M.D.

Carol Scott-Conner, M.D.

"Accomplished surgeon, teacher and author"

"Surgery is a wonderful way to help people directly. You have an immediate impact. It combines knowledge of the human body with the art of using your hands and mind to help another person."

Photo of Pamela A. Lipsett, M.D.

Pamela A. Lipsett, M.D.

"Outstanding Surgical "Intensivist" and Teacher"

"For me, restoring the patients to well being while they are in the surgical intensive care unit is one of the greatest rewards imaginable."

Photo of Jessie Lamoin Ternberg, M.D.

Jessie Lamoin Ternberg, M.D.

"Surgeon extraordinaire!"

"I was drawn to science and medicine because of the challenge and excitement of exploring the unknown and finding better ways to help people."
Surgical Medicine

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Photo of M. Ellen Mahoney, M.D.

M. Ellen Mahoney, M.D.

"Superb Surgeon and Breast Cancer Visionary"

"I entered medical school in 1976, when my first child was six months old and after putting my first husband through law school. My love of science coupled with my social conscience influenced my decision— I wanted to contribute the most that I could for as long as possible. So in my quest for the most useful life I could live, medicine looked like the biggest challenge. Add to that the fact that women in medicine – much less mothers in medicine! – were pretty unusual, I just couldn't resist the challenge."
Surgical Medicine

Photo of M. Therese Southgate, M.D.

M. Therese Southgate, M.D.

"Physician, journalist and incomparable essayist..."

"I was eight when I decided to be a journalist, 28 when I decided be a doctor. I have been incredibly lucky to be both, to do what I have a passion for!"
Surgical Medicine

Photo of Nancy J. Stubbe, M.D.

Nancy J. Stubbe, M.D.

"Pioneering female surgeon, teacher and mentor"

"My father wanted to be a doctor but couldn't. Then he wanted one of his brothers to be one, and then the same for my brother, but they didn't. Finally he got his wish with me! I wanted to be a doctor ever since the fourth grade."
Surgical Medicine
New York

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