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Several pictures of doctors who are featured on the Local Legends web site


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State Nominator Medical Specialty Audio/Video Clips
Photo of Marilyn K. Glassberg, M.D.

Marilyn K. Glassberg, M.D.

"Leading researcher of lung disorders in women"

"I was curious. My father was a physician, my mother a nurse who didn't go to medical school because it was the 1940s—and told me never to be a nurse."
Internal Medicine

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[2 min, 48 sec]
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Photo of Sandra Levison, M.D.

Sandra Levison, M.D.

"Founder of First Women's Health Curriculum"

"I always wanted to be a doctor and my parents took me to a female pediatrician, which was unusual back then. It was a very warm, safe place and she interacted well with my parents. She seemed to have it all..."
Internal Medicine

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[2 min, 58 sec]
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Photo of Virginia A. Caine, M.D.

Virginia A. Caine, M.D.

"Dedicated defender of public health!"

"My uncle was a physician and my father a medic during World War II, plus he was chairman of the college biology department and a pre–med counselor. It was very powerful to watch my uncle treat his patients. They both encouraged my interest in medicine. And as an African–American, I was deeply moved by seeing our people not be able to get the level of specialty care that others got!"
Internal Medicine

Photo of Mary Krueger, D.O.

Mary Krueger, D.O.

"Physician – soldier, fighter for women and children"

"I love science and am fascinated by how the human body works, and I have a strong interest in public health, in helping to create the conditions for better health, such as vaccinations to prevent disease, and clean water and improved health education."
Osteopathic Medicine

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[3 min, 31 sec]
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Photo of Jessie Lamoin Ternberg, M.D.

Jessie Lamoin Ternberg, M.D.

"Surgeon extraordinaire!"

"I was drawn to science and medicine because of the challenge and excitement of exploring the unknown and finding better ways to help people."
Surgical Medicine

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[3 min, 14 sec]
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