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XML MeSH Conversion table.
ELHILL MeSH Unit Record ----> XML Format

Note that a list of all XML MeSH Data elements is available.

1. ELHILL MeSH and ASCII MeSH data elements, with corresponding XML element.

Record types:

D = Descriptor
Q = Qualifier
SCR = Supplemental Concept (formerly Chemical) Record

ELHILL Data Element (mnemonic)ELHILL
no. 1
XML element Tag
or attribute (= *)
Annotation (AN)260D,QAN<Annotation>
Allowable Qualifiers (AQ)398DAQ<AllowableQualifier>
Backfile Postings (M66 ...)280, ...D,QM66, ...---
Backward Cross Reference (BX)277D  
   subelement 1 [term]  PRINT ENTRY, ENTRYSee <Term> and<String>.
   subelement 2 [type: "0" or "1"]  PRINT ENTRY, ENTRYSee PrintFlagYN *,
IsPermutedTermYN *.
   subelement 3 [thesaurus ID]  subelement<ThesaurusID>
   subelement 4 [not used]    
   subelement 5 [date]  subelement<DateCreated>
   subelement 6 [sort version]  subelement<SortVersion>
   subelement 7 [entry version]  subelement<EntryVersion>
Backward cross reference,
thesaurus ID (BXTH)
CAS Registry/EC Number (RN)261D,SCRRN<RegistryNumber>
CAS Type 1 Name (N1)614D,SCRN1<CASN1Name>
Consider also cross reference (CX)569DCX<ConsiderAlso>
Date major Descriptor established (DX)264DDX<DateEstablished>
Date of entry (DA)100D,Q,SCRDA<DateCreated>
Date Qualifier established (DQ)354QDQ<DateEstablished>
Descriptor Class (DC)250DDCDescriptorClass *
Descriptor entry version (DE)266DDE<EntryVersion>
Descriptor form (DF)267D---[none but derivable from DescriptorClass *]
Descriptor Sort version (DS)269DDS<SortVersion>
Descriptor Type (DT)252D---[none but derivable from DescriptorClass *]
Entry Combination (EC)270DEC<EntryCombination>
   subelement 1 [Qualifier input]  subelement<ECIn>
   subelement 2 [always "0"]  ------
   subelement 3 [Descriptor output]  subelement<ECOut>
   subelement 4 [Qualifier output]  subelement<ECOut>
Forward cross reference (FX)262DFX<SeeRelatedDescriptor>
Frequency (FR)922SCRFR<Frequency>
Heading Mapped-To (HM)291SCRHM<HeadingMappedTo>
History Note (HN)219D,QHN<HistoryNote>
Indexing Information (II)278SCRII<IndexingInformation>
Major Revision date (MR)120D,Q,SCRMR<DateRevised>
MeSH Heading (MH)251DMH<DescriptorName>, see also
RecordPreferredTermYN *
MeSH Scope note (MS)215D,QMS<ScopeNote>
MeSH tree Number (MN)273D,QMN<TreeNumber>
MH Thesaurus ID321DMH_TH<ThesaurusID>
Name of substance (NM)290SCRNM<SupplementalRecordName>, see also
RecordPreferredTermYN *
Note (NO)211QNO<Note>
Online Note (OL)217D,QOL<OnlineNote>
Pharmacological Action (PA)292D,SCRPA<PharmacologicalAction>
Pre-explosion (PX)126D,QPX---
Previous Indexing (PI)271D,SCRPI<PreviousIndexing>
Public MeSH note (PM)218DPM<HistoryNote>
Qualifier cross reference (QX)223QQXSee <Term> and<String>.
Qualifier Entry Version (QE)212QQE<EntryVersion>
Qualifier Sort Version (QS)213QQX<SortVersion>
Qualifier Type (QT)201QQTQualifierType *
Record Originator (RO)101D,Q,SCR <RecordOriginatorsList>
   subelement 2 (if subelement 1 = "O") "---<RecordOriginator>
   subelement 2 (if subelement 1 = "C") "---<RecordAuthorizer>
   subelement 2 (if subelement 1 = "M") "---<RecordMaintainer>
Record Type (RY)272"RECTYPESee<DescriptorRecord>,
Related Registry number (RR)610D,SCRRR<RelatedRegistryNumber>
Running Head (RH)274DRH<RunningHead>
Source (SO)602SCRSO<Source>
Subheading (SH)200QSH<QualifierName>, see also
RecordPreferredTermYN *
Synonyms (SY)616SCRSYSee <Term> and<String>.
Thesaurus ID (TH)276D,SCRsubelement, MH_TH, NM_TH <ThesaurusID>
Topical Qualifier Abbreviation (QA)216QQA<Abbreviation>
Tree Node allowed (TN)210QTN<TreeNodeAllowed>
Unique Identifier (UI)480DUI<DescriptorUI>

1 Not to be confused with the MeSH/MARC field number.

2. Data in XML MeSH for which there is no corresponding data in ELHILL MeSH or ASCII MeSH

XML MeSH Element or Attribute*record
Example or subelement
<ConceptName>D,Q,SCR------Example = 'Heart'
ConceptPreferredTermYN*D,Q,SCR------Example = 'Y'
<ConceptRelation>D,Q,SCR------subelments<Concept1UI>, <Concept2UI>
[Concept] RelationName *D,Q,SCR---subelement 2Example = 'NRW'
<ConceptUI>D,Q,SCR------Example = 'M0000026'
<ConceptUMLSUI>D,Q,SCR------Example = 'C0000788'
<LexicalTag>D,SCR---subelement 2Example = 'TRD'
PreferredConceptYN *D,Q,SCR------Example = 'Y'
<RelationAttribute>D,Q,SCR------Example = 'isa' [no values yet in MeSH]
subelement 2
Example = 'T061'
<SemanticTypeName>D,Q,SCR------Example = 'Physiologic Function'
<TermUI>D,Q,SCR------Example = 'T000066'

2 subelement in ASCII MeSH Descriptor ENTRY and PRINT ENTRY data elements, and in the SCR SY element.