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Deleted Descriptors - 2018

The following descriptors were deleted for 2018 MeSH. The Current Heading column on the right indicates where Medline Citations were maintained to by Year-End Processing (YEP). The type indication next to the Current Heading indicates whether it is newly created (NEW) for 2018 MeSH or an existing heading that was modified (MOD) for 2018 MeSH. The final column indicates whether the deleted MeSH heading appears as an entry term (ETERM) in the 2018 version of MeSH.


Deleted HeadingActionCurrent Heading    
Descriptor UI MeSH Heading YEP Desc UI MeSH Heading Type ETERM
D048169 Anopheles gambiae YEP D000852 Anopheles MOD yes
D031246 Cecropiaceae YEP D027003 Urticaceae NEW yes
D003040 Cobra Venoms YEP D004546 Elapid Venoms MOD yes
D000071817 Endamoeba histolytica YEP D004748 Entamoeba histolytica MOD yes
D019681 Gymnosperms  YEP  D032462 Cycadopsida MOD yes
D011543 Pseudocholinesterase YEP D002091 Butyrylcholinesterase MOD yes
D017161 Secernentea YEP D009348 Nematoda MOD yes