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Deleted Descriptors - 2017

The following descriptors were deleted for 2017 MeSH. The Current Heading column on the right indicates where Medline Citations were maintained to by Year-End Processing (YEP). The type indication next to the Current Heading indicates whether it is newly created (NEW) for 2017 MeSH or an existing heading that was modified (MOD) for 2017 MeSH. The final column indicates whether the deleted MeSH heading appears as an entry term (ETERM) in the 2017 version of MeSH.


Deleted HeadingActionCurrent Heading    
Descriptor UI MeSH Heading YEP Desc UI MeSH Heading Type ETERM
D055702 Urinary Tract Physiological Processes YEP D014553 Urinary Tract Physiological Phenomena MOD yes
D029885 Lotus YEP D000070116 Loteae NEW no
D055725 Electrophysiological Processes YEP D055724 Electrophysiological Phenomena MOD yes
D055260 Immunogenetic Processes YEP D055261 Immunogenetic Phenomena MOD yes
D043702 Musculoskeletal Physiological Processes YEP D009142 Musculoskeletal Physiological Phenomena MOD yes
D055679 Microbiological Processes YEP D008827 Microbiological Phenomena MOD yes
D055621 Optical Processes YEP D055620 Optical Phenomena MOD yes
D055605 Physicochemical Phenomena YEP D055598 Chemical Phenomena MOD yes
D055599 Chemical Processes YEP D055598 Chemical Phenomena MOD yes
D055606 Physicochemical Processes YEP D055598 Chemical Phenomena MOD yes
D055602 Organic Chemistry Processes YEP D055601 Organic Chemistry Phenomena MOD yes
D055694 Biological Processes YEP D001686 Biological Phenomena MOD yes
D055635 Immune System Processes YEP D055633 Immune System Phenomena MOD yes
D052796 Nutrition Processes YEP D009747 Nutritional Physiological Phenomena MOD yes
D044703 Respiratory Physiological Processes YEP D012143 Respiratory Physiological Phenomena MOD yes
D055596 Mechanical Processes YEP D055595 Mechanical Phenomena MOD yes
D055639 Plant Physiological Processes YEP D018521 Plant Physiological Phenomena MOD yes
D052778 Nervous System Physiological Processes YEP D009424 Nervous System Physiological Phenomena MOD yes
D045382 Pneumocystis jirovecii YEP D045363 Pneumocystis carinii MOD yes
D055754 Metabolic Phenomena YEP D008660 Metabolism MOD yes
D055691 Ecological and Environmental Processes YEP D055669 Ecological and Environmental Phenomena MOD yes
D055681 Virus Physiological Processes YEP D018406 Virus Physiological Phenomena MOD yes
D055588 Astronomical Processes YEP D055580 Astronomical Phenomena MOD yes
D055648 Cell Physiological Processes YEP D002468 Cell Physiological Phenomena MOD yes
D055704 Reproductive Physiological Processes YEP D055703 Reproductive Physiological Phenomena MOD yes
D045123 Blood Physiological Processes YEP D001790 Blood Physiological Phenomena MOD yes
D055594 Geological Processes YEP D055593 Geological Phenomena MOD yes
D043723 Ocular Physiological Processes YEP D009799 Ocular Physiological Phenomena MOD yes
D055690 Dental Physiological Processes YEP D009063 Dental Physiological Phenomena MOD yes
D027881 Agavaceae YEP D000070357 Asparagaceae NEW yes
D005510 Food Habits YEP D005247 Feeding Behavior MOD yes
D052799 Digestive System Processes YEP D004068 Digestive System Physiological Phenomena MOD yes
D055705 Physiological Processes YEP D010829 Physiological Phenomena MOD yes
D045125 Cardiovascular Physiological Processes YEP D002320 Cardiovascular Physiological Phenomena MOD yes
D055683 Bacterial Processes YEP D018407 Bacterial Physiological Phenomena MOD yes
D039361 Genetic Processes YEP D055614 Genetic Phenomena MOD yes
D055586 Physical Processes YEP D055585 Physical Phenomena MOD yes
D055438 Biochemical Processes YEP D001669 Biochemical Phenomena MOD yes
D055928 Skin Physiological Processes YEP D012879 Skin Physiological Phenomena MOD yes
D055597 Biophysical Processes YEP D055592 Biophysical Phenomena MOD yes
D013749 Tetrachlorodibenzodioxin YEP D000072317 Polychlorinated Dibenzodioxins NEW yes
D000068960 Functional Behavior, Psychology YEP D001519 Behavior MOD  no