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Deleted Descriptors - 2005

The following descriptors were deleted in 2005 MeSH. TheReplaced-by Heading replaces the deleted heading in NLMdatabases. The replaced-by term is linked to the full record inthe MeSH Browser. Ifthere is no Replaced-by Heading, replacement is handled byspecial procedures and will be published in the 2005 list in XML format.

Replaced TermReplaced-by Term
Adenoviruses, BovineMastadenovirus
Amino Acid ActivationAminoacylation
Amyloid Protein AASerum Amyloid A Protein
AndroblastomaSertoli-Leydig Cell Tumor
Carbohydrates and Hypoglycemic AgentsCarbohydrates
Cell Division PhasesCell Division
Cell SizeCell Size
Gestosis, EPHPre-Eclampsia
Growth and Embryonic DevelopmentEmbryonic Development
Herbicides, CarbamateHerbicides
Herbicides, TriazineHerbicides
Herbicides, UreaHerbicides
History of Medicine, 15th Cent.History, 15th Century
History of Medicine, 16th Cent.History, 16th Century
History of Medicine, 17th Cent.History, 17th Century
History of Medicine, 18th Cent.History, 18th Century
History of Medicine, 19th Cent.History, 19th Century
History of Medicine, 20th Cent.History, 20th Century
History of Medicine, 21st Cent.History, 21st Century
History of Medicine, AncientHistory, Ancient
History of Medicine, Early ModernHistory, Early Modern 1451-1600
History of Medicine, MedievalHistory, Medieval
History of Medicine, ModernHistory, Modern 1601-
Insecticides, BotanicalInsecticides
Insecticides, CarbamateInsecticides
Insecticides, OrganochlorineInsecticides
Insecticides, OrganophosphateInsecticides
Insecticides, OrganothiophosphateInsecticides
Insulin, LenteInsulin, Long-Acting
Insulin, Protamine ZincInsulin, Long-Acting
LuciferinsFirefly Luciferin
Luminescence, BacterialChemiluminescent Measurements
Macromolecular SystemsMacromolecular Substances
Maternal Age 35 and overMaternal Age
MicronucleiMicronuclei, Chromosome-Defective
Obesity in DiabetesDiabetes Mellitus
Polarity of TranslationGene Expression
Postimplantation PhaseEmbryonic Development
Pregnancy ToxemiasPre-Eclampsia
Preimplantation PhaseEmbryonic Development
PuerperiumPostpartum Period
Rauwolfia AlkaloidsSecologanin Tryptamine Alkaloids
Review Literature [Publication Type]Review [Publication Type]
Review, Academic [Publication Type]Review [Publication Type]
SealsSeals, Earless
Synechococcus GroupCyanobacteria
Synechocystis GroupCyanobacteria
Tannic AcidHydrolyzable Tannins
ThymeThymus Plant
Tissue CultureCulture Techniques
YohimbansSecologanin Tryptamine Alkaloids