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MeSH XML and ASCII Files Available for Download

A variety of formatted versions of the entire MeSH vocabulary are available to download from our download page provided you are in aggreement with our Memorandum of Understanding.

For downloading the large files, we recommend that you save the file to your local hard drive rather than open it here. To do this, you must right-click the link and then select either Save Link... or Save Target..., depending on your browser. The XML and ASCII formatted versions of the entire MeSH vocabulary are listed below. To download MeSH/MARC files Click here.

2018 MeSH Files

These files are listed under

MeSH XML Files
Record TypeFull FileSizeZIP fileSizeGZ fileSize
Descriptors desc2018.xml 286 MB 15 MB desc2018.gz 15 MB
Supplementary Records supp2018.xml 577 MB 44 MB supp2018.gz 44 MB
Qualifiers qual2018.xml 268 KB
Substances with
Pharmacologic Action
pa2018.xml 4.9 MB
Record TypeFull FileSize
Descriptor Records d2018.bin 28 MB
Supplemental Records c2018.bin 95 MB
Qualifier Records q2018.bin 84 KB
MeSH trees mtrees2018.bin 2.3 MB

2017 MeSH Files

These files are now listed under

Full MeSH Data FTP Archive - Years 1999-Present

MeSH data can now be accessed directly from our MeSH FTP Archive. The folders are organized according to year starting with the years 1999 - 2010 in one folder and a separate folder for every year afterwards. Note that the format of the each of the data file names in the FTP site follows the same pattern shown in the tables shown above. For example the 2016 Descriptor XML data file is named "desc2016.xml".

For questions concerning the content of MeSH files, downloading from FTP, or to provide feedback:
Click here  to submit an online request for assistance.