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2014 SPL/DailyMed Jamboree Workshop

Using DailyMed Drug Product Label Data

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NLM sponsored a free public meeting, “SPL/DailyMed Jamboree 2014 Workshop – Practical use of DailyMed and RxNorm Drug Data” on September 18, 2014. Speakers from Federal government (NLM and IHS), industry (Bayer, Wolters-Kluwer), academia and non-profit sectors spoke on their experience with Structured Product Label (SPL) drug data as well as RxNorm. The emphasis was on practical and novel ways to use this free data, which is produced cooperatively by NLM and FDA. Last year’s Jamboree was a big success, and this year we built on that, offering more focus on applications, implementation and lessons learned.

Topics include SPLs and clinical decision support, extracting indication and drug interaction data from SPLs using natural language processing, e-prescribing experience within the Indian Health Service, Linked Data and SPLs, the use of RxNorm by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), and more.

Agenda and Speakers

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For copies of the presentations, please contact:
Chris Hui
Medical Subject Headings
National Library of Medicine
Telephone: 301-435-8693
For more information contact:
John Kilbourne, MD
Head, Medical Subject Headings
National Library of Medicine

Last Reviewed: September 29, 2014