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Transcript: Healing Totem stops in Chicago, Illinois

Martin Castro
I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for bringing this to Chicago, because all of us whether individually or as a community need energy and healing. Every day we go through struggles and every day we try to surmount those struggles, but we always need to reenergize ourselves. Today, we want to take from this the energy not only to heal ourselves, but use that energy to go out and heal the world.
This is one of our local mints. This is [indiscernible]. Smell that. You can eat the leaf, too.
Joe Podlasek
Having the opportunity to have the pole, the totem pole here in a healing capacity in wellness, and sharing that message just strengthens and helps us take those next steps as a community. It’s a good mission, and we're honored to be part of it.

See the Exhibition

See the Exhibition

Discover the interconnected relationships between health, illness, and cultural life in Native communities.