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FY 2002 AIDS Community Outreach Projects

NLM Funds 15 AIDS Information Community Outreach Projects in September 2002 in the 9th Round of the Program


NLM has continued its HIV/AIDS-related outreach efforts to community-based organizations, patient advocacy groups, faith-based organizations, departments of health, and libraries. This program provides support to design local programs for improving information access for AIDS patients and the affected community as well as their caregivers. Emphasis is on providing information or access in a way meaningful to the target community. Projects must involve one or more of the following information access categories: information retrieval, skills development, Internet access, resource development, and document access.

Awards were made for the following projects:


AID Atlanta, Inc. - AIDS Information Outreach Project: Using the Internet to Enhance Access to Information   (Atlanta, GA)

The goals of the AIDS Information Outreach Project include improving delivery of HIV/AIDS health information to AID Atlanta clients who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, and creating a new and/or expanded source of information for AID Atlanta's clients, Case Managers, Health Educators, and the general public.  AID Atlanta will create a new website and implement a Client Resource Room where clients can be trained to access information and resources via the Internet. AID Atlanta on the web:


AIDS Education Global Information System (AEGiS)  (San Clemente, CA)

AEGiS will add a content assistant to their staff.  Funding will also assist AEGiS in the linking of research documentation to NLM'S PubMed abstract database. With this new feature, many articles' footnotes will be linked so that original material is located easily on PubMed.  AEGiS is presently serving 600,000 users per month, and has archived over 750,000 documents dealing with HIV/AIDS. UNESCO recognizes AEGiS. AEGiS on the web:


Asian Association of Utah - HIV/AIDS Prevention Plan (Salt Lake City, UT)

The goal of the HIV/AIDS Prevention Plan project is to increase access to the latest health information regarding HIV/AIDS for Asian Pacific Islander (API) and refugee communities served by the Asian Association of Utah. Some of the objectives for the HIV/AIDS Prevention Plan project include: 1) to improve health information access for clients and their cultural communities, 2) provide training to access HIV/AIDS related information via electronic sources, 3) provide accurate information regarding HIV/AIDS to clients with limited English proficiency, and 4) promote wellness and safer sexual behavior among API and refugees, particularly adolescents and young adults, by improving their skills of accessing health information. Asian Association of Utah on the web:


Columbus AIDS Task Force – Central Ohio's HIV/AIDS Resource Library (Columbus, OH)

The National Library of Medicine, the Columbus Medical Association, and the Dupont Pharmaceutical Company provided the initial funding for the Resource Library, and this project will support the expansion of services including additional outreach and development of more library services. Columbus AIDS Task Force on the web:


Critical Path AIDS Project – Community-Based Internet Connectivity: An AIDS Outreach Project  (Philadelphia, PA)

Critical Path AIDS Project has developed a diverse suite of information services, designed by a person with AIDS for persons with AIDS and their caregivers. Founded in 1989 by the late Kiyoshi Kuromiya, the project began with a print newsletter and later BBS but expanded in 1995 to become an Internet Service Provider (ISP) bringing dial-up access, email, and the World Wide Web to low income people in Philadelphia affected by the AIDS epidemic. The funding of the project will help build on the current Internet services provided by Critical Path AIDS Project to the 215 and 267 area codes that serve Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery counties and the 856 area code serving Southern New Jersey. Critical Path AIDS Project on the web:


Germantown Settlement and The AIDS Library -- Expanding Services at an AIDS Library Satellite and Computer Resource Center: An AIDS Outreach Project (Philadelphia, PA)

The WISDOM program of Germantown Settlement, which provides services to people with HIV/AIDS will expand services available through the Community Information and Referral Resource Center (CIRRC). Previous NLM funding supported the development of CIRRC; the new funding will allow an increase in the number of hours the CIRRC is open with staff, the purchase of  new computers, and regular training for all library assistants. The AIDS Library on the web:


Hope House Day Care Center - Hope for Families Life  (Memphis, TN)

Hope House Day Care Center provides direct day care, respite care, 24-hour emergency care, transportation and related services for children infected and affected with HIV/AIDS, as well as auxiliary support services for their families. Support from NLM will enable Hope House to purchase computer equipment, books and journal subscriptions, and offer information retrieval training and workshops geared towards the appropriate literacy level of the workshop participants i.e. health professionals, parents, caregivers, and other family members and children served by the program. The resource center will be used to conduct educational forums, parent meetings, and support group sessions.  Also, training sessions will be provided by medical librarians on Internet-based resources and database evaluation for Hope House staff, and parents who attend the monthly meetings. Hope House Day Care Center on the Web:


Magnolia Coastlands Area Health Education Center - Southeast Georgia AIDS Info Link (Statesboro, GA)

The Southeast Georgia AIDS Info Link (SEaGAIL) will increase access to HIV/AIDS related resources in Georgia. The project will offer training to librarians, health professionals, staff of community-based organizations, and Spanish speaking clients of CBO's in Pineland on how to access quality HIV/AIDS resources and information using online databases. Electronic and print collections of consumer oriented HIV/AIDS materials in both English and Spanish will also be developed.  Partners in this project include: Statesboro Regional Library, Zach S. Henderson Library of Georgia Southern University, Student Health Services at Georgia Southern University, the Amethyst Project, Southeast Georgia Communities Project, Pinelands Mental Health, Mental Retardation & Substance Abuse Center and Center for Rural Health and Research. Magnolia Coastlands Area Health Education Center on the web:


One Day At A Time, Positive Effects Outreach Ministry and The AIDS Library-- Creating Access at the Street Level: An AIDS Outreach Project (Philadelphia, PA)

One Day At A Time, Positive Effects Outreach Ministry, and the AIDS Library created two Community Information and Referral Resource Centers (CIRRC) which are located in two storefront sites serving low-income people of color who are living with or are at risk for HIV infection. Funding will increase the number of hours that the CIRRCs are open and staffed, support the purchase of computers, as well as training for the staff. The AIDS Library on the web:


Philadelphia Fight - TEACH OnLine: An AIDS Outreach Project (Philadelphia, PA)

Philadelphia FIGHT will create an interactive media series called TEACH Online.  This tutorial will be useful for Project TEACH classroom participants, AIDS Library users, and other community members with HIV/AIDS who use the AIDS Library website from other locations. The AIDS Library is a local point for the community to access HIV/AIDS health information via the Internet. The library has also developed many training programs, which assist low-literacy HIV/AIDS infected individuals in the following areas: information about consumer friendly and reliable HIV/AIDS databases, web pages, electronic mailing lists, and other information resources. The AIDS Library will also increase the number of computers accessible to the HIV/AIDS population who use the Community Room.  The AIDS library on the web:


Project Reach Youth, Inc. - Project SAFE: Speak-Out on AIDS Facts and Education

  (New York, NY)

Project SAFE will create age and culturally appropriate materials that are relevant and attractive to youth of primarily Latino and African-American descent. The organization will guide a group of HIV Prevention peer educators in developing print materials appropriate for distribution to other young individuals. The youth group will create a pamphlet/magazine and a resource directory of websites with HIV/AIDS information attractive to young people. The informational pamphlets will be distributed to youth audiences attending Project Reach Youth, Inc.'s educational presentations, theatre performances, and street outreach activities. The websites will be added to Project Reach Youth, Inc.'s website and the information for this website will be distributed to the local libraries in Brooklyn and New York. These directories will also be available to other youth-service organizations in Brooklyn such as the Bedford-Stuyvesant Crown Heights Community Coalition on Research & Planning, the Brooklyn Association of Teen Educators (BATES), the Brooklyn AIDS Task Force, and the Federation of Protest Welfare Agencies. The Project Reach Youth, Inc. on the web:


Regents of the University of New Mexico – New Mexico AIDS InfoNet (Albuquerque, NM)

The New Mexico AIDS InfoNet is an online HIV/AIDS information resource, providing fact sheets on treatment and related information in non-technical language, in both English and Spanish. In addition, the web site includes a hyperlinked, categorized listing of more than 500 HIV/AIDS web site addresses to facilitate individual research. The InfoNet materials receive nearly 200,000 “page views” each month, with over 45% of these visits from outside of the United States. Funding from NLM will support the ongoing maintenance of the existing fact sheet collection and development of selected additional topics. The New Mexico AIDS InfoNet on the web:


University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio - Web Based HIV/AIDS Education Resources for High-Risk Youth and Health Care Providers in South Texas (San Antonio, TX)

The University of Texas Health Science Center will develop their website to meet the diverse language, educational, cultural needs of youth who are at-risk for HIV/AIDS in the San Antonio metropolitan area and south Texas.  Some of the goals and objectives of this project include: 1) foster communication and information action among targeted Health & Human Service Providers in metropolitan San Antonio and south Texas, 2) develop age and cultural appropriate materials geared toward targeted high-risk minority youth in the San Antonio area, and 3) provide age and culturally appropriate materials for information access by high-risk minority youth at sites in metropolitan San Antonio and south Texas. The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio on the web:


Utah AIDS Foundation - Sharing Digital Resources: An Interlibrary Partnership (Salt Lake City, UT)

The Utah AIDS Foundation (UAF) is an AIDS Service Organization (ASO) that receives and handles inquiries regarding treatment and care, legal issues, and the social impact of HIV/AIDS. Because of the limited materials currently available in the UAF Resource Library, the staff often refers visitors to the Spencer Eccles Health Sciences Library. This project proposes to digitally connect the resources of the Utah AIDS Foundation (UAF) Resource Library and the Spencer Eccles Health Sciences Library, and create an easy-to-use compilation of existing highly regarded HIV/AIDS and other health related online information resources, both national and local. Therefore, staff and faculty of both locations, students visiting either sites, and community individuals affected by HIV/AIDS will be able to access these collections via either facility, and also search for local information and resources through the compilation of online resources which will be available on the UAF Resource Library's website. The Utah AIDS Foundation on the web:


WAM Foundation, Inc. - Community AIDS Outreach Projects   (Houston, TX)

WAM Foundation, Inc. is an AIDS Service Organization (ASO) that provides educational and social services programs in the community. The WAM Foundation will work with the TechnoMerica, Inc., a nonprofit computer technology organization, in order to implement the Fresh Start project, a structured computer/internet training program for the community, care givers, and those affected with HIV/AIDS.  The program will focus on computer literacy, introduction to the Internet, health & wellness online information retrieval, and special applications and forms. The WAM Foundation, Inc. on the web: