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Celebrating the American Record of Health and Medicine

NLM's History of Medicine Division and its Images and Archives Section are "Celebrating the American Record of Health and Medicine" as part of American Archives Month, with a web site // and a bulletin board that highlight our programs and collections.

NLM's Image and Archives Section has important collections that document American health and medicine. The Archives and Modern Manuscripts Collections have far-ranging holdings on military medicine, public health, molecular biology, mental health, and surgery. The Prints and Photographs Collections, with over 60,000 images online, are strong in medical portraiture, images of health care and health institutions, fine prints with medical themes, and public health posters. The Historical Audiovisuals Collection has over 5,000 instructional films, public service announcements, and documentaries. The Digital Manuscripts Program produces "Profiles in Science," some 25 sites chronicling, through documents and photographs, modern American biomedical research and public health. Our programs also include the On-line Syllabus Archive on teaching resources in the history of medicine and allied disciplines, and public activities such as the "Cartoon Medicine Show," highlighting our film collections. Images and Archives collections are available to all who want to know more about the ways that medicine, dentistry, nursing, public health, and related fields have shaped American society and culture.

American Archives Month is a collaborative effort by professional organizations and repositories around the nation to highlight the importance of records of enduring value. Archivists are professionals who assess, collect, organize, preserve, maintain control of, and provide access to information that has lasting value, and they help people find and understand the information they need in those records. The event is sponsored by the Society of American Archivists .

For more information, please contact Paul Theerman, Head, Images and Archives, at