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New DOCLINE goes live Monday July 17, 2000.

On Monday, July 17, at approximately 8:00 AM Eastern Time, NLM's new web-based DOCLINE version 1.0 went live to all National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) libraries. DOCLINE is NLM's online interlibrary loan request routing and referral system. DOCLINE provides four main functions to its 3,000 participating libraries:

1. DOCUSER - provides directory and interlibrary loan information on NN/LM participating libraries
2. REQUESTS - allows users to make document requests which are are routed automatically to libraries who report owning the specific year or volume requested.
3. SERHOLD - provides journal holdings information
4. Loansome Doc Patron Administration - allows libraries to maintain administrative information on their Loansome Doc users.

The new web based DOCLINE system is a key step in NLM's total systems reinvention effort. Developed at NLM, the system interfaces seamlessly with other NLM products and services including PubMed and the online catalog LocatorPlus.

This final launch represents over two years of programming and testing among NLM staff in the Office of Computers and Communications Services (OCCS), Library Operations, and staff in the Regional Medical Libraries of the NN/LM. We are extremely grateful to all testers in the NN/LM for the useful input they provided.

July 17 also marks the end of an era for the mainframe DOCLINE system, running since 1985. On July 14, the Borrow function of the current mainframe based DOCLINE system was permanently removed, and within 20 days, the entire DOCLINE mainframe operation will be shut down.