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NLM's Professional Meeting Exhibit Schedule

As part of its outreach efforts, the National Library of Medicine has a presence at meetings, conferences and gatherings across the US to inform and educate the public about the Library's myriad of free resources. Below is the  current list of conferences and other events where NLM will be exhibiting during FY2017 (October 2016-September 30, 2017). The list contains the start date of the event and the NLM component that will be or was present at the exhibit booth.

A map of the events from the currentl fiscal year available on the Regional Activities: NLM near You page.

This page is updated daily. The only difference between the data in this table and the data in the map is that the table includes meetings that don’t have a location yet (“To be determined”) On the map, these records are omitted since no location can be associated to the map.

You may copy the raw data from and paste into this tool  to create text version which can be downloaded. 
A procedure to parse the data manually is listed after this table.


You may also get the data into a table by following these steps.

  1. Copy the text from  into MS Word.

  2. Delete  this string  
        var mapData = {"type": "FeatureCollection", "features": [

  3. Find
        }, {
  4. Replace with
        }, ^p{

  5. Find
        ", "
  6. Replace with

  7. Delete

  8. Find
  9. Replace with
    "Education and Outreach Liaison - Office of the Director",

  1. Save as text.

  2. Import the text file into Excel
  3. Parse on the pipe | symbol.

  4. Delete an unneeded columns.
  5. Add column headings as needed to the first row.
  6. Update content to remove extraneous content in each column.

  7. Paste the contents back into MS Word or HTML coding program.