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NLM Funds Four New Health Information for the Public Projects

Four new consumer health subcontracts were recently awarded making a total of 53 funded in 2000. The original 49 were announced on January 14, 2000.


Hawaii Medical Library, Honolulu, HI
Project Director: John Breinich
Phone: 808-536-9302; FAX: 808-524-6956

The Hawaii Medical Library has been awarded funding to develop the Hawaii Partnership for MEDLINE Training with the Hawaii State Public Library System. The subcontract will address the needs of Native Hawaiians, senior citizens and selected community organizations including AIDS/HIV support groups. Training sessions will be offered to introduce PubMed and MedlinePlus to the general public The project will also provide computers to participating public libraries.


Loyola University Health Sciences Library, Maywood, IL
Project Directors: Logan Ludwig, Mary Klatt, Stephen Van Houten
Phone: 708-216-5301; FAX: 708-216-6772

Loyola University will provide consumer health information and education to six Illinois communities using a satellite model. Loyola will work with public libraries, primary care centers and rural health sites to disseminate information about PubMed, MedlinePlus and other consumer health resources and to train consumers in locating health information.


Eastern Shore Regional Library, Salisbury, MD
Project Director: Susan Pedersen-Upole
Phone: 410-742-1537; FAX: 410-548-5807

The Eastern Shore Regional Library in Maryland was awarded an Access to Electronic Health Information for the Public subcontract to work with five county public library systems through the Shore Health Information Project (SHIP). The project will establish a mobile training lab to train public library staff and the public. A consumer health web site, which will include clearinghouses of local resources developed through community-wide collaborations, will be developed.


Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital, Yakima, WA
Project Director: Rhonda Stone
Phone: 509-576-5794; FAX: 509-576-5772

Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital in Washington State has received funding to create a regional health information network. The network will link multiple organizations including the Yakima Valley Regional Library System, the American Cancer Society, the American Lung Association, the Yakima Health District and Wellness House, a consumer-based resource facility for catastrophic health conditions. Project goals include enhanced access to electronic health information through training and web site development.